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Is your brand struggling with poor conversions on websites? Are you not using customer reviews to grow engagement and reach for your marketing campaigns?

Reportedly, embedding customer reviews on the website have beaten many critical marketing strategies by delivering excellent outcomes in vital campaigns. 

And customer reviews or user-generated content have been a game-changer for brands toiling with poor conversions on websites.

Sounds exciting?

Let’s learn about the leading social media aggregator tool Tagembed to understand how embedding reviews on websites help businesses and how can you enclose this technique in your business? 

Tagembed is an all-in-one solution to increase engagement, traffic, social reach & revenue.

Tagembed aggregate, moderate, & integrate social media feeds on the website to assemble social proof, increase engagement, social trust & conversion.

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What is Tagembed| Tagembed Review 2022|

tagembed review-2022

Tagembed(social media feeds plugin ), a leading social media aggregator tool, permits collecting and embedding content from different social media platforms, including online review platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Airbnb, etc. 

This super responsive plugin allows the users to boost the significance through its diverse components. 

Furthermore, it is a free social media aggregator for websites under a limited free lite plan.

Tagembed delivers uncomplicated integration with all prevalent CMS platforms, social channels, and multiple platforms for utmost performance & outcomes.

And supports Web App, Windows, and Mac

seamless-integration-with-popular-tech stacks

Tagembed can show engrossing user-generated content from social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok, Google Reviews, Airbnb, and 18+ Networks. 

For checking on the Tagembed Social Media Aggregator Networks- Refer to the image below-


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Subsequently, the curated content can get embedded through widgets as a customized social wall on your website. 

List of Widgets Equipped-

  • Social Media Widget
  • Review Widget
  • Story Widget
  • Album Widget


Now, let us check them one by one-

1. Social Media Widget


Tagembed provides you with a responsive social feed widget for upscaling your marketing initiatives.

You can embed a creative, engaging, & responsive social media widget for websites by collecting, curating & adding social feeds from diverse social channels to your website.

Social media widgets can seamlessly leverage social feeds on your website.

Check this screen below to understand social widget solutions by Tagembed-


Why Embed Social Widget On Websites?

  • To drive website traffic & engagement
  • Brand Awareness & Reach
  • Build Social Proof
  • Generate Leads

Benefits of Social Widget

1. Creative Customizations For Beautiful Visuals

You can pick from a pool of vibrant themes, layouts, fonts, colors, and templates to make your social widget more appealing and exhilarating.

2. Advanced Moderation To Maintain Quality

You can sift out non-essential social content to guarantee premium quality to your website visitors through Tagembed’s moderation element.

3.Detailed Analytics To Measure Performance

You can track the social widget rendition and acquire detailed insights into how people interact & react to the social media widget embedded on your website.

2. Review Widget

tagembed review-review-widget

Embed a review widget for your website to build solid faith & brand advocacy.

Review Widget allows you to spotlight your customers’ testimonials on your website for creating more transparency and genuineness.

Check this screen below to understand review widget solutions by Tagembed-


How Tagembed help you accentuate confidence and dependability for your brand, refer to this image below-


Benefits of Tagembed Review Widgets-

  • To exhibit trust & brand advocacy
  • Monitor reviews as per the needs.
  • Detailed analytics to measure performance

To boost conversions and sales, try for free now-


3. Story Widget


Through Tagembed’s story widget, you can display social media stories on your website to avail better engagement, social reach & conversions.

Check this screen below to understand social stories solutions by Tagembed-


Why Story Widget? 

Check this image below for more understanding-


Benefits of Tagembed Story Widget-

4. Album Widget


Through the Album widget, you can create stunning visual galleries with social media posts & easy embedding on your website for a vibrant look.

Check this screen below to understand photo album widget solutions by Tagembed-


Why Embed Album Widget?

Check this screen-



  • All content in one place
  • Highlight your special content
  • Detailed analytics to measure performance

Features| Tagembed Review|


Tagembed allows you a peerless performance that is scalable & result-driven to display engaging & appealing content on your company’s website through some of its unique features.

They are-

1. Build Creative Content

With its distinct layouts, embed themes, color styles, banners, and content styling, users can design their impressive social media widgets and visual galleries.

2. Advanced Content Filtering

Tagembed’s powerful content filtering options let you sift and organize the content you want to display by removing unessential content.

3. Instant Content Updates

Tagembed automatically curates content(to your feeds) and instantly provides fresh, authentic content for sharing on social platforms.

4. Generate Reports With Analytics

Use its robust, detailed analytics to generate reports, and track social widget performance like active users, views, engagement, content cloud, & much more.

5. Fast and Responsive Widgets

With its quick & responsive design, you can confirm the seamless performance of your website even after embedding visual galleries, hundreds of posts, and numerous social media feeds. 

To enhance website performance, try for free-


6. Create Custom CSS

And finally, its custom CSS component presents you with endless possibilities to customize your feeds through many concepts to make your feeds more personalized, engaging, and creative for a better user experience.

How It Works

tagembed review-how-it-works-leading-social-media-aggregator-tool

  • Collect Content

Accumulate helpful social feeds from all social platforms into a widget using hashtags, handle, page, profile, mention, list, etc., to show on the website.

  • Curate and Manage

Using its moderation panel, curate and monitor the aggregated feeds you wish to display on the website. 

And through its Profanity filter, you can withdraw explicit posts to maintain quality as per your necessity.

  • Customize Campaign

Customize aggregated social media feeds in the widget with interactive themes, styling, designs, layouts, multiple color schemes, and banner integration to create a more engaging & personalized campaign for your brands.

  • Embed on Website

Finally, you can embed these curated social feeds on websites in simple & coding-free efforts for experiencing fast growth in your daily traffic, customer engagement & conversions.

How to Embed Google Reviews On Websites For Free Using Tagembed?

  1. Create your new account or log in if you have one.

create-free-account-tagembed review-2022

2. The first widget appears as you enter the screen for the first time.

Click on the “Open” to proceed collecting Google review feeds.

Refer to the image below-


  1. Next, choose the “Google Reviews” from a pop-up of different platforms.


4. Next, you have to select My Location from another pop-up and enter the location you want to collect the Google reviews.

5. So now click on the “Create feed” option. And ensure providing every suitable information for Google reviews to be fetched smoothly.

Benefits of a Social Media Aggregator in your Marketing Journey
  1. Build Brand Trust
  2.  Increase Engagement
  3. Amplify Social Reach
  4. Awareness

Getting Started with Tagembed| Tagembed Review|

You can try it for free by clicking on Try for Free. (Check this image below)


Next, enter your details to create your account.

create-free-account-tagembed review-2022

As you click on create an account in the above image, you will find this screen.


Please Note-

The free trial is valid for 14-days, after which you can upgrade your plan to keep your feeds/account, and you don’t need to add any card or payment details for the free trial.

Tagembed Pricing


Tagembed pricing and plans are ideal for website embedding, come at monthly and yearly suggestions, and present 20% savings if you take one.

Check out the four plans here, and all plans come with a free trial.

1. Lite Plan– 

This Free Plan offers you 1 feed, 2000 views/month, 5 social platforms, 12 hours of update time, no custom CSS, no API access with Tagembed branding, and this is good enough for getting started to understand how it performs.

2. Basic Plan-

At $9/ mo, this basic plan is ideal for startups. It offers two feeds, 10000 views/month, 15+ social platforms, a LinkedIn manual, 2 hours of update time, no Custom CSS, no API Access, and is ad-free.

3. Pro Plan-

For small and medium-sized businesses, the Pro plan at $19/mo provides four feeds, 100000 views/month, 15+ social platforms, a LinkedIn manual, 30 mins update time, custom CSS, no API access, and 100% ad-free. 

Also, it is their best-seller plan so far.

4. Plus Plan-

Ultimately, the Plus plan at $ 39/mo is ideal for large businesses & agencies. It supplies 16 feeds, unlimited views, 15+ social platforms, a LinkedIn auto Update(recently introduced), 15 mins of update time, custom CSS, API access, and is 100% ad-free.

Refer to the image below for features shown under each plan for tagembed pricing



Also, you can upgrade or downgrade your plans anytime. As you upgrade, it will also raise the number of collaborators.

Try this leading social media aggregator tool for free now-



And, if you want assistance with any of these plans or looking for enterprise solutions on any of the features, custom design, moderation, or setup, Tagembed is giving priority support through chat.

Please Note-

We urge carrying a 14-day free trial for an informed finding on your business necessities.

Pros-Leading Social Media Aggregator Tool

  • Customization option
  • 18+ Social Media Networks
  • Various themes and layouts
  • Fast and responsive widgets
  • Social media Widget
  •  Review Widget
  •  Story Widget
  • Album widget
  • Enhance Website Performance
  • Streams all sorts of media without influencing the speed of the website
  • Allows adding custom CTA button
  • Advanced content filtering
  • Instant content Updates
  • Provides crawlable feed
  • Detailed Analytics, 
  • Custom CSS
  • Automated Publishing
  • Brand Tracking
  • Improves Customer Engagement
  • Multi-User Collaboration
  • Social media management
  • Social Sharing
  • Social Promotions
  • And more……


Nothing noticeable! Overall, a useful plugin with a simple UI and plenty of customization for an adequate user experience. 

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To Conclude

These days, businesses have realized that as it is vital to have online reviews, it is even more crucial to showcase them. 

And talking about online reviews, Google reviews are the most relied upon amongst the customers.

And by deciding to use Tagemebd, users can add Google reviews, establish their credibility and build brand awareness.

The plugin relieves the embedding procedure and furnishes eclectic features within budget, a free lite plan & trial, making it an ideal social media plugin. 

Using this plugin, the users can withdraw any abusive content from the widget and track the performance of the review widget after making it live. 

It offers automatic content updates, maximizes brand exposure, enhances website performance, increases engagement, creates brand awareness, and provides insightful details like overall engagement rates, total likes, impressions, etc. 

Users can choose from a broad range of themes, fonts, colors, templates, background options, etc., to make their widget more appealing and attractive. 

Also, they can choose their desired source while collecting the reviews. 

And what we like the most is that Tagembed delivers widget integrations with popular tech-stack, CMS platforms, and social channels for maximum performance with a dedicated Google review widget, where you can pull content from 18+ social media platforms. 

Further, this leading social media aggregator tool presents various customizations for enhancing the look and presence of the widget. 

Overall,  a phenomenal plugin that collects, curates, customizes, and displays social feeds on your WordPress websites. 

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If you found this article helpful, do share it and let us know if you need any more assistance.



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