Anstrex Review — The Most Innovative Native Ads Spy Tool|2020

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Native ad campaigns are one of the most profitable marketing techniques that you can use to drive highly targeted traffic to your business. Plus, there are so many native ad platforms that you can choose from — PowerAdSpy, Outbrain, Taboola, Revcontent and the list goes on. So, if you plan to promote your business through native ads, then the number one reason to use a native ads spy tool is the multitude of native ads platforms.

With so many native ad platforms out there, you need a powerful native ads spy tool that aggregates all the data from various platforms and provides useful insights. In this Anstrex review, we will tell you exactly why you should rely on this native ad spy tool to do your competitor research.


Why are Native Ads a Big Deal?

Over time, Native ads have evolved into an extremely powerful form of advertising. That’s mainly because your content is served only to those who are already reading something similar. So, the conversion rate of native ads is much higher than the rest. After all, your content would be specifically recommended to those who are already reading something similar. As your ads draw the attention of those genuinely interested in your offering, there is a higher possibility of conversion.

Also, the fact that your ads appear more natural and less pushy, works to your benefit. However, not many small businesses make use of native ads, which is understandable from the higher price tags. If you are a small business, investing in native ads may not seem like a great option. While we completely agree with that, the only thing that can be a game-changer is incredibly high ROIs.

So, to make your native ads more profitable, you must focus on maximizing your ROI by making your native ad campaigns more efficient. A practical way of doing this is through a native ads spy tool that can provide you with reliable information. In this Anstrex review, we will tell you how you can use this native ad spy tool to make your ad campaigns more profitable.

Why should you use a native ads spy tool?

To run a successful and profitable online campaign, you need to have the right ad strategy that can skyrocket your sales. If you have ever managed an online ad campaign, then you would know how difficult this can be, unless you take a sneak peek into your competitor’s data. So, if you wish to legitimately look at what’s working for your competitors and check out their statistics, then you need a native ads spy tool to do that.

Another reason to use a native ads spy tool is the cost involved in this form of advertising. Since native ads are quite expensive, you need to have a solid strategy in place. Else, you may not be able to earn high ROIs. However, most small business owners do not invest in native ads spy tools because these are expensive.


We completely agree with the fact that native ads spy tools are way too expensive for a small business. Nonetheless, not having an efficient native ads spy tool can do more damage to your pocket than having one would. So, we have a surprise Anstrex coupon code for you. By using our Anstrex Lifetime discount coupon, you can get a steep discount.

Let us now figure out whether you should invest in this native ad spy tool.

Spy on Native ads to Plan Ad Strategy

You can use Anstrex to pull out humongous amounts of data connected to any specific Native or Push ad, within minutes. By analyzing this data, you can easily figure out what’s working for your competitors and what isn’t. The most exciting thing about this innovative tool is its many filters, which enables the users to get to the bottom of their competitor’s ad strategy.

You can then use this data to plan your ad strategy and to fix your budget. Doing this is an essential part of running a successful native ads campaign because you need to keep your campaign active for a certain period of time, which requires you to plan your ad costs well in advance. To get a clue of how much you may have to spend on a particular campaign, simply take a look at your competitor’s data.

By using this native ad spy tool, you can determine the time period for which your competitor has been running a particular advertisement and all other relevant statistics.


Dig Deeper into Native Ads that are working

If you want to stay on top of your industry, then you must know the top performers within that industry, understand their strategies, and then build your own. To do this, you need to have very specific data and that’s anything but easy in a faceless industry where the only thing you can rely on is data.

Again, you need only that piece of data which is going to be of use to you, and that requires you to dig deeper, something that Anstrex makes possible. So, if you want to know the most popular native ad in your industry, which has been running successfully for the past thirty days in Germany, then this alone requires you to sort out the data based on several parameters — niche, affiliate network, time period, country and the list never ends.

You can use these filters to narrow down exactly to that piece of precious data, that you need to plan your native ad strategy. Anstrex makes all of this as easy as a lemon squeezy pie by letting you use advanced filters that help you get to the bottom of your competitors’ strategy. For example, if you want to know which ad is working for a Clickbank affiliate in the UK, then you can do that in a flash.

Most importantly, you can check out the stats of any particular ad, which provides useful insights into that particular industry. So, by pulling out the top 5 performing ads in any industry, and analyzing its statistics, you get a fair clue of what’s working with a particular set of audiences.

Check Publishers

Do you want to find out the top publishers that are publishing a particular ad? Who doesn’t! This native ad spy tool comes with fully integrated Alexa and SimilarWeb that lets you dig deeper and find out the top publishers. In fact, it takes only a few seconds for Anstrex to tell you exactly which publishers have been running the ad, which is classified based on percentages. Its that simple!  

Make Landing Pages

You want to make a highly converting landing page but don’t know where to start? In this Anstrex review, we cannot avoid highlighting this native ad spy tool’s unique feature that lets you make landing pages effortlessly. In fact, you can even rip off your competitor’s landing page and turn it into your own.


So, the challenge is to figure out how you wish to build your landing page. Is it through one of the many templates that Anstrex offers? Or by using one of your competitors’ creatives? Yes! Besides spying on your competitor’s data and budgeting your ads, you can also use this tool to create outstanding landing pages.

Powerful Geo Partitioning Algorithm

When you run a global business, you are doing that away from your audiences, but need to connect with them more effectively. This can get tricky without the right data because you need to be everywhere at the same time, and also manage your budget while doing that.

This entire process becomes a breeze when you make use of this native ads spy tool, which shows real-time location-wise traffic patterns. Such data can help digital marketers target the right places at the right time, which can skyrocket sales for any e-commerce business. Also, the data provided by Anstrex is through smart integrations with various platforms, so you can be sure that the data is accurate.


Power-up your Affiliate Marketing Business

Do you run an affiliate marketing business? Then you are probably an affiliate for at least one or more affiliate networks. Whether its ClickBank, MaxBounty or something else — the competition on every affiliate platform is intense. Unless you find the right product or service to promote, your ad campaigns aren’t going to be of any use.

Want to find the soft spots on your favorite affiliate network? The ones with very little competition and highest revenues? Anstrex lets you find the top-selling products on any affiliate network. So, you can choose the most profitable products and start selling them right away. If you are wondering how this native ad spy tool enables that, then its time to introduce you to Anstrex’ Affiliate offer wall.

If you have already handpicked your products, then you can keep track of your competitors’ activities by setting up alerts. You can even set alerts to know when someone launches a brand new ad for the product that you are promoting.



Anstrex offers three pricing plans — Push only, Native only, and Push + Native. As you can see, these plans are classified based on the type of data that you want to access. Let us now take a quick look into the core features of each of these plans.

Push Only

  • Priced at $79.99 per month
  • Data from 15 Push Ad Networks across 92 countries
  • Real-time ad Statistics

Native Only

  • Priced at $59.99 per month
  • Data from 27 Native Ad Networks across 64 countries

Push + Native

  • Priced at $124.99 per month
  • Data from 15 Push Ad Networks across 92 countries
  • Real-time ad Statistics for Push Ads
  • Data from 27 Native Ad Networks across 64 countries

Asterex is one of the most advanced native ad tools that offers you in-depth information regarding what’s trending in the world of native ads. You can access data from various ad networks like PowerAdSpy, Outbrain, Taboola, etc… in one place. Also, you can classify this data based on the affiliate network, which helps you through the product research phase of your affiliate marketing business.

Although, there are several native ad spy tools available — Spyrush, Advault, etc… but none of them offer what Anstrex can. You can spy on your competitors, rip off their landing pages, use the most popular creatives, and also keep track of what your competitors are up to. Plus, with this tool, you gain insights into over 10 million native ads published across 90 countries, which no other tool can deliver.

With so many advantages that come with this native ad spying tool, the only reason for not having it could be its price. Although we’ve emphasized how important it is to invest in a native ads spy tool, we completely understand that $59.99 to $124.99 per month could be a wee bit too much for small businesses. However, if you are keen on buying a subscription to this native ads tool, then try our Anstrex coupon code.


Sumit Ghosh

Sumit Ghosh

Renowned performance marketer, user acquisition expert, and a product fanatic from Bangalore. He is a prominent speaker in masterminds and events in the performance marketing space. Sumit is the Founder of Socioboard, which owns products like PowerAdSpy, Socinator, Gramboard, DominatorHouse, and mobile apps in social media automation space which have millions of users.

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