Best Facebook Marketing Platform || Audiencer io Review 2021

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Audiencer is a perfect Facebook targeting tool for users both newbies and professionals alike. It helps users access idle undiscovered interests that are unattainable through usual means.
With Audiencer, you get the assurance of targeting the right niche and not end up running advertisements in bulk and spending more. One of the best FB ads interest targeting apps gives the best data points to find out the target audience. Audiencer’s core competency is that it covers a multitude of interests in one go and seconds. It means this Facebook targeting tool can handle a large number of tasks in a matter of a few seconds. In this Audiencer review, we will discuss in detail its features, how it works, and much more.

Features offered by Audiencer || Audiencer Review

Audiencer offers a plethora of unique features to improve the data points for Facebook advertisements. With a predisposed database on over 100 different niches, you will have a lot to start your work with. Here are some key features offered by Audiencer:

  • Detecting Unidentifiable Interests: Audiencer offers the best FB ads interest targeting features for marketers. The perfect Facebook targeting tool assists in discovering hidden interests. Unlike regular ad managers, Audiencer is not limited to 25 results for both suggestion functionalities and search function. It makes full use of the market APIs to fetch the complete list interest. Interests that would come as a result of searches you make.
  • Quicker Research: Audiencer changes the way you do your keyword research. It removes the dependency on tasks such as noting keywords on a piece of paper then entering it into an ads manager to get insights. Audiencer lets you build an audience during your research and point them to the niche of your interest.
    In case there was a search done on your preferred niche in the past, you will see some of its results in the “starters” section, for quick access.
  • Flexible Recommendations: Usually it is suggested that you keep typing your interests in the ads manager and get the results depending on what you are aiming for.
    Audiencer takes it to a whole new high; where you can pick your suggestions from an entire list of interests in your collection. You can select the interests you want and get suggestions for those only. It does not require you to delete your older lists to introduce new lists.
  • Niche Recommendations:
    Audiencer has a collection of over 100 different niches and interests associated with them. While doing your research you only need to put in the details about your niche or the customer base you are looking to target. The enterprise marketing platform will suggest your interests on the spot. This saves a huge amount of time, especially when you have no clue regarding what to search or you are not aware of the niche very well.
  • Machine Learning Algorithm
    One of the best FB ads interest targeting apps has a machine learning algorithm that is constantly expanding on the current information base. Audiencer’s self-learning system studies your best picks, searches, and incorporates them with what it understands from the entire community to get you the most relevant interests for the given topic.

  • In-built Proprietary Relevance Metrics
    The Facebook targeting tool gives you the most applicable interests for your niche. It uses AI tools to assist you in making a more informed decision before you start your campaign.
    Instead of making 100 searches on your interest, Audiencer gives you the top 10 results to start your campaigns with.
  • Organized Campaign
    Audiencer helps you maintain all your research campaigns organized. It does so by automatically arranging them into projects and audiences. You will never have to keep track of endless lines of texts or excel sheets with data inside of them. The interactive design of this perfect Facebook targeting tool lets you manage all the products, niches, projects you are working on.
  • Search Suggestions
    Often it is possible that you may end up running ads for your customers without knowing their perfect customers and their affinities. What you require is a “search suggestion option.” With the help of this option, you can enter your target customer or niche and it will rearrange and show you various searchable terms. You can use these terms for further research purposes.
    E.g. you run a search for a motorbikes niche and the search shuffle points you to  search for “ bike engine oil” or “bike cleaner spray.”
    While searching for “bike engine oils” brands you will see Motul, Castrol, etc. You can check them on google one by one from Google and see if they are available for targeting on Audiencer.
    In addition to that, you can use the search suggestions by Audiencer continuously to find and discover more and more interests to target.
  • Campaign Simulation
    After saving an assemblage of interests, you can simulate a campaign and access a general overview of how your ads will look like. Audiencer will mix up the interests in advance provide you essential information like:
    1. All the keyword and interest niche combinations
    2. Single interest targeting
    3. Combined or Flex targeting
  • Integration of Google Searches
    This feature helps you get through the difficulty when you have no clue of the things you are supposed to run advertisements on. Audiencer helps you enter new niches and arenas with its “Google Search Integration.” Instead of opening a separate tab where you will have research on topics, you can do it through Audiencer, the perfect Facebook marketing tool.
  • Individual Interests Vs Group Analysis Interests
    Conventionally, to test an interest niche, you will look at an audience size. Audiencer goes a step ahead. It lets you make a thorough investigative search on audience insights and see how active they are. Additionally, the allows you to check how many of the related pages are analogous to your niche. It provides more information to wise up your ad spending decisions.
  • Access all your research work in one place
    For freelancer and e-commerce advertisers who have to jump from niche to niche on a regular basis. You will feel the requirement to use a word document or an excel sheet to use your interests and keywords. With Audiencer, you can forget that. One of the best FB ads targeting apps keeps a digital register of your interest searches. All of your search histories is just a few clicks away.

How to use Audiencer? || Audiencer Review
Audiencer boasts a near-zero learning curve user interface that makes it incredibly easy to use. Here is a step by step guide for how to get started with Audiencer io:

  1. Once your purchase is done, you will be redirected to the login page.
  2. Place in your login credential and hit enter to start using Audiencer.
  3. On your first-time login, you will see an option “Connect to Facebook.” Click on it and add your desired Facebook accounts.


  4. You will see all the options, as shown here in this image below


  5. To start a new task go to the “+New Audience” on the lower half of the screen and get started.


Pros of using Audiencer || Audiencer Review
Audiencer does not require a monthly charge like usual SaaS solutions, which makes it pretty easy on the pocket. Another key reason to use Audiencer will be that it’s a one-stop solution managing Facebook Ads.

Cons of using Audiencer || Audiencer Review
Audiencer is only limited to Facebook which leaves room to ask for more.

Price of Audiencer || Audiencer Review
Audiencer is $199. No extra charges and no hidden cost. It is also a one-time payment you will have to make. So there is no subscription model here. Also, you get a refund in 30 days if you did not like the software.

Conclusion || Review Audiencer
Audiencer offer numerous benefits for its users. Noted as one of the best enterprise marketing platforms, Audiencer cuts down research time massively. It increases the pace at which you acquire results and the quality of it.
Another key benefit of using Audiencer is that it goes beyond the usual limit of 25 and takes the full benefit of the marketing APIs. It also has a self-learning algorithm with an ever-expanding information base. To save time on search operations Audiencer helps users by integrating Google searches along with the pre-existing Facebook one.
Audiencer’s campaign planner and simulator accelerates the efficiency and reduces the overall expenditure. The Facebook targeting tool also provides a very hands-on email support where the Audiencer team takes up queries and solves them within 24-48 hours. The software is designed comprehensively to operate for freelancers and enterprises.

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