Brand24 Review 2021: The Best Media Monitoring Tool For You

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Social media has become a dominating industry these days. Back in time, it was not so prevalent. But, now, the scenario is different. Social media do not remain only for entertainment, but it has transformed into a big landscape for businesses. From small businesses to multinational corporations, all are using diverse social media networks to enhance their marketing game. 

However, doing social media marketing with success is not a five-finger exercise. It requires to be abreast of all the trending practices on social media. And, when that comes, media monitoring gets implemented. Keeping track of competitor’s actions, strategies, plans, and all can be achieved through social media listening. That’s very closely related to web monitoring. The only difference is that social media listening is a much more extended plateau, which helps businesses to take their monitoring practices to the next level.

To execute these concepts effectively for your business, you need a powerful web monitoring tool. Well, I have used quite a few up till now, but the best I got is Brand24. 






What Is Brand24?

It is one of the best web monitoring and listening tools, which helps organizations to enhance their digital market through insightful web solutions. It provides services for Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, Quora, TikTok, Youtube, Google Reviews, podcasts, blogs, forums, and much more.


How Does It work?

Basically, it monitors different social media networks, does the analysis of web keywords, and provide you with metrics like audience reach and mention. In addition to all this, it also presents you valuable data regarding negative and positive comments extracted for target keywords. 


Why Only Brand24?

First of all, it is dual-functionality software. It is a combination of both media monitoring as well as listening. Secondly, it has been in the market since 2011 and does some potential work with national as well as international brands. Picking it as your media monitoring tool can foster your business aspects for sure.

That’s why, in this Brand24 review post, I’m going to tell you in-depth details about it, including its features to pricing. So, let’s start this!


Brand24 Main Features:




Social signals analysis-

Social signals play a huge part as far as your substantial social media presence is considered. By using this software, you can know about each and every mention of your company on different social media platforms in real-time. You understand this is that you will not even miss a single beat regarding data relevant to your business niche on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and much more. 


Advanced filtering options-


It’s apparent that you can’t implement all data in your business strategies at once. You will need some sort of extraction techniques to gather the information that’s crucial in the first place. And, what precisely this social monitoring tool does for you. By using its advanced filtering options, you can pinpoint the most relevant data in no time. 



Business Analytics-

The understanding of buyer personas has become the topmost need for your business in today’s time. In accordance with the marketing analytics feature provided by this tool, you can keep track of not only the quality of buzz surrounding your brand. But, also the quantity in which people are talking about your business attributes. 


Discussion volume chart-



Many features make Brand24- one of the best media listening tools in recent times. And, the discussion volume chart is one of them. By accessing it, you can detect the real-time changes in the discussions about your brand on social media platforms. That, no doubt, can protect your brand image from diminishing. 


Seamless customer service-

Not surprisingly, customer support integration can make or break your business credibility. If it is seamless, then you will be applauded. But, in case, if it is not above the bar, customers will get disappointed. However, this social media listening software offers top-notch customer services, which, of course, make your social media endeavors less. 


Know your promoters completely-


If your business is authentic and trustworthy for people out there, then they will somehow promote your products on social media. According to this software, you can know your top users entirely. It will provide you with insightful information regarding social media users who are following your brand in an effective manner. 


About Brand24 Dashboard:

The dashboard of this best media monitoring tool is quite user-friendly and does not require high computer literacy. Even a starter can access it without facing issues. The dashboard of this social media listening software is divided into various tabs, which are as follows-

  1. Summary.
  2. Mentions.
  3. Analysis.
  4. Sources.
  6. Comparison.



Under this section of the dashboard, you can access the entire data regarding your business mentions and searches. Also, all this can get reached based on a day, month, and week. 



Here, you can access your business mentions and searches in an even more detailed way. There are graphs for statistics regarding all the details. 



After extracting substantial data from your business, it’s time to analyze it. According to this tab of the dashboard, you can collect and analyze the complete data and make it count for your business success. 



Knowing who is talking about your business, in which sense is very precious. Right! Under the sources section, you can know your business influencers inside out. And, that too based on their reach, voice share, impact, business keyword usage, and a lot more. 



In accordance with this particular tab, you can get to know about the author that has created quotes using your business keywords. 



The comparison tab is for comparing your different projects. You can compare them based on mentions, searches, sources, volumes, and much more.


Brand24 Pricing Details:




The pricing details of Brand24 is available in three different plans-


  • Plus- $49 per month.
  • Premium- $99 per month.
  • Max- $199 per month.


According to the Plus Brand24 pricing plan, you can monitor your project for a maximum of 5 keywords. Under the Premium Brand24 pricing module, a maximum of 10 keywords you can monitor for your business. Lastly, with the Max pricing plan, you can track and analyze your project for a maximum of 20 keywords.





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Pros And Cons Of Brand24:


  • Dual-functional.
  • Very affordable for businesses.


  • Absence of CRM features.
  • A bit on the expensive side for individual users.




Final Words:


Social media success has become tough to get these days. An increase in competition between businesses is one of the principal causes of it. Despite this, if you know what impact your brand leaves on people’s psyche and how it is getting received at the back end, you can make your business successful. Media monitoring and listening are some of the substantial pillars for making companies stand out of the crowd. And, Brand24- the best media monitoring tool can help you immensely in this direction.

What your takeaway from the above (best media monitoring tool) Brand24 review? Which feature of it have you liked the most? Have something more to add-on in this review post? If yes, then please comment in the section below. 

SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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