Ingramer Review: A Complete Suite for your Insta Needs

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In this Ingramer review, we will tell you how you can make your presence felt on Instagram, one of the largest social media platforms. Currently, Instagram has over a billion users that you can reach out to every single month. Now that is huge, but gaining the right exposure on this platform isn’t easy. That’s simply because it requires time and dedication.

So, if you haven’t been able to tap in from its vast potential, then there’s something you need to set right. Several things can go wrong while managing Instagram profiles — irregular posting, wrong hashtags, or something else. Regardless of what it is, this Ingramer Review 2021 will tell you how you can fix it and maximize your reach with its free tools and then manage it with the premium tools.

At every stage of your Instagram profile’s popularity, there are different challenges that you must encounter, and Ingramer has it all covered up for you. During the initial stages, you need to establish a following, which isn’t easy because, unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is way too dynamic.

As your social media popularity soars, your challenge is to manage your profile by communicating with your following regularly. So, you need to have the right tools in place, and that’s what Ingramer is all about. So, if you are an Instagram Influencer, small or mid-sized business, then here’s a complete toolkit for all your Insta needs.


What is Ingramer? 




Ingramer is an Instagram bot that mimics human actions and helps automate several time-consuming tasks that are required to manage your Instagram profile efficiently. It offers stage-wise solutions that you can opt for and automate various tasks. This sort of classification puts you in the driver’s seat and lets you choose the services you need, which may be tricky, but we’ll guide you through it.

It is a free hashtag generator, Instagram photo downloader, social media posts manager, and more. You can also manage your following, like or follow others, respond to comments, etc. Besides these actions, you can also use Ingramer to research on trending topics in your niche and schedule posts.

Overall, Ingramer makes managing your Instagram posts uncomplicated and hassle-free. With that said, let us now dive into some of the most exciting features of Ingramer that can boost your following and help you manage your soaring popularity.


Ingramer’s Dashboard 




Ingramer has a comprehensive but straightforward dashboard that gives you a quick summary of all the Instagram accounts that you connect to it. You can manage unlimited Instagram accounts from this dashboard but would have to pay subscription fees on a per-account basis. Through this dashboard, you can get a quick snapshot of all the activities that this bot can perform.

That includes a quick summary of the total number of likes, follows, unfollows, and more. You can also check out the comments, feed activity, and the view history which tells you about all the content that the bot has viewed from your Instagram profile. So, although Ingramer’s bot manages your Instagram profile, you are still in control of what’s going on.


Download Media 




Instagram is a media-rich platform with lots of exciting visual content to explore. However, it does not allow you to save your very own photos and videos, which is essential for backing up and editing purposes. It is necessary for those who post content across various social media profiles.

Also, backing up your content using this free Instagram photo downloader can come handy if your Instagram profile is pulled down for some reason. It could happen due to security breaches or due to violation of an Instagram policy.




By using this Instagram picture downloader, you can backup your content effortlessly. You can also re-edit or repurpose them. Moreover, to use this particular feature, you don’t have to register or verify your account details. Ingramer is a free Instagram photo downloader that lets you download visual content easily without any loss of quality.

So, if you are concerned about the image quality, then shed those worries because no matter which device you use, this free Instagram photo downloader ensures that the quality is intact. As Ingramer is a web service, you can go ahead and save images and videos wherever you want — Computer, Mobile devices, Tablets, or anywhere else.


Free Hashtag Generator 




Ingramer offers a free hashtag generator, which makes it extremely convenient to find the right hashtags for your Instagram posts. You can explore Hashtags based on keywords, images, or URL, which allows enough flexibility to search hashtags based on whichever type of content you wish to post.

The keyword search option lets you put in five keywords at once, making your hashtag search much faster and productive. You also have the option to search Hashtags in languages other than English and find the best ones from the most up-to-date Hashtag Database. You can also check useful metrics for Hashtags and choose the best ones to drive more engagement.




Instagram lets you use up to thirty hashtags, but you need to limit them as adding too many could make your posts appear spammy. So, to keep it clean, you need to restrict it to a maximum of five hashtags, so picking the right ones is essential. Doing that requires you to spend hours looking up for the best ones, or requires you to hire resources to do that for you.

However, with Ingramer’s free hashtag generator, you can do this within minutes. If you aren’t a pro or are managing multiple promotional campaigns, with very little time to spare on digging out hashtags, then you can save up hours by automating it. To automate your hashtag search, you must invest in the managed hashtags module offered by Ingramer, which we shall discuss later on.




Ingramer’s pricing model is based on four modules — Promotion, Direct, Scheduled Posting, and Hashtag Generator. You can choose all or any of the four modules, which is priced on a per-account pricing model. Each module is designed based on which stage you are in and what you wish to do. Let us now check out each of the modules and how you can get the most out of it.


Promotion Module 



Instagram is unlike any other social media platform and demands quick action. So if you want to automate all of that, then here’s a bot ready to do your bidding. You can set the rules, and Ingramer will auto like, follow, or unfollow based on those rules. By using this tool, you can automate a maximum of 1250 actions per day.

Although it could be more than that, Ingramer limits it as it’s designed to mimic a human as closely as possible to avoid violation of Instagram’s rules. Sounds exciting but not used to bots? No worries! When you subscribe to Ingramer’s Promotion module, you receive personalized assistance from Ingramer’s team to help you through your promotion.




  • Costs $37 per account for two weeks
  • Priced at $57 per account for one month
  • Costs $144 per account for three months


Direct Messenger 




No Ingramer review can be complete without a mention of its powerful and highly customizable direct messenger. It lets you respond to reactions from all your followers through a single window. You can customize your responses by using key distinguishers such as tags and labels.

It makes it extremely convenient to respond to various product or service-related inquiries from followers. Plus, having all of them in a single chat window makes the entire process more productive. Also, you can send bulk auto-messages through the direct messenger. Which means you can quickly introduce your followers to your brand-new offering with a single message.




  • Priced at $19 per account for two weeks
  • Costs $29 per account for one month
  • Priced at $74 per account for three months


Scheduled Posting Module 




Ingramer offers a post scheduler module that you can use to schedule photos, stories, carousel, or videos. Simply upload any type of content, use the free hashtag generator to pick the best Hashtags, and then add locations. Finally, set the schedule, and you are done!

In fact, you can even automate planning the schedule by letting Ingramer’s powerful scheduler pick the right time for you. Doing this can help you save several hours. This module is ideal for those who are in the initial stages of setting up their social media presence and have minimal requirements. So, by investing in this Instagram Scheduler, such businesses can schedule multiple posts at once. As a result, they end up saving a lot of time and drive more engagement through consistent posts.




  • Priced at $12 per account for two weeks
  • Costs $18 per account for one month
  • Priced at $46 per account for three months


Automated Hashtag Generator 




Although Ingramer offers a free hashtag generator that you can use without registration or verification, that’s not it. Ingramer goes a step forward and gives businesses with an automated Hashtag generator. It can indeed automate a more significant part of Instagram profile management. This automated hashtag module finds you the most engaging hashtags from the ones that are currently trending.

You also get to check out visualized analytics of the hashtags before picking them, which is an incredibly powerful feature. You can then formulate your hashtag strategy depending on its difficulty level and the number of posts that the hashtag receives.




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You can choose one module or a combination of two or more modules, depending on your current needs. However, in our opinion, those who are just starting off with their Instagram journey must opt for the Promotion module. Once they have a few hundred followers, then opt for a combination of the Promotion and Scheduled Posting module.

Once you have a considerable following, it makes sense to opt for the Direct Messaging module. Because until then you barely have anyone to direct message. So, purchasing it may not be required. However, it’s different when you already have a few hundred followers and wish to keep up with them. We then recommend that you start with the Direct Messaging module.

On the other hand, if you have an established Instagram profile with a team of content creators generating regular content, then you simply cannot rely on one module. You will need all four because you must manage the likes and follows, send direct messages in bulk, schedule posts, and also find the best hashtags for your posts.

In doing so, Ingram’s free hashtag generator may not suffice unless you have the time for it. Therefore, switching to the Automated Hashtag Generator module, which automatically identifies the best hashtags based on your content, is recommended.





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