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Postoplan is a social media automation software. In this review, we will discuss how Postoplan’s AI-powered marketing automation platform works and boosts growth. One of the best social network marketing platforms available in the market, Postoplan has accumulated over 100k users across 147 different countries. The marketing automation platform has received strong praises from organizations like FinancesOnline, G2, Sourceforge, Crozdesk, etc.
Postoplan is completely free social media automation software. There are no hidden charges.

Feature Analysis of AI-Powered Marketing Automation Platform || Postoplan Review

Postoplan creates distinguished social media marketing spaces. As the free social media automation solution lets you connect all your social media networks and messenger accounts. There is no upper limit! Add unlimited accounts and get working! One of the best social network marketing platforms also facilitates seamless collaboration. You can onboard all of your clients, employees, and teammates to work together in unison.

Postoplan allows you to plan as many posts and schedule them with ease. It takes care of everything a social media operation requires and much more. Postoplan social networks provide access to a content library consisting of over 2 million images. And you can edit those images with an in-built editor to add filters to the images before publishing them.

Postoplan provides over 700 post ideas in their calendar powered by artificial intelligence.

Postoplan provides integration with Slack and WordPress as well. This integration enables you to communicate with your team members while simultaneously working on projects. And directly post it to websites (WordPress-based) and social media at the same time. This software helps you reduce time spent on introspection, planning, and publishing. Postoplan’s interactive design allows you to communicate with your customers/subscribers through a single dashboard. You will never have to switch through accounts anymore. As Postoplan stacks the messages from different platforms into a single inbox.

Automated Posting with Postoplan || Postoplan Review

Social media scheduling is one of the vital specializations of Postoplan. One of the best social media automation software allows you to handle an unlimited amount of persisting tasks across all social media platforms and messengers like Telegram and WhatsApp. Postoplan also lets business owners manage their “Google My Business” accounts as well. You can interact and respond to the customers’ comments and resolve their concerns on the fly. The feature with such competency can lead you to save over 4 hours a week, as media managers have to post regular promotional posts, reminders, and various other recurring posts. And with Postoplan, you will not have to shift between applications.

How to use Postoplan || Postoplan Review

Here is a step by step guide for you to get started with Postoplan:

  1. Go to and sign up for free.
  2. Once your email ID is confirmed you will be redirected to the ”Add Accounts” page.
  3. You can add all your social media networks through this page.

    The Add Accounts page contains options like these. Click on them and start linking your accounts.

  4. Then click on the “Schedule Post” option at the right hand of the screen.
  5. Once you click it, you will be forwarded to a posts editor. Here you can add texts, links, emojis, photos, videos, GIFs, and much more to your posts and select the accounts you want to post on.
  6. Once you are done adding the contents of the post. Postoplan provides a quick preview for you on the left-hand side of the screen.
  7. You can check mark “Scheduled Posts” at the end of the page in case you want to schedule the post for later.
  8. And once you click on the “Scheduled Post” option, it shows you the option of “Repeat Post.”

    Once you click on it, you will see a pop-up like this.

  9. Set the time as per your schedule and, the free social media automation software will add it for you.

And all these features are free!

Benefits of Using Automated Posting on WhatsApp by Postoplan || Postoplan Review

Postoplan is developed with the core understanding of what a media and sales operation requires, i.e., a relentless communication apparatus. And it facilitates such concerns by allowing users to add messenger applications like FB messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Slack. Automated posting on WhatsApp and its adjacent messengers gives you an edge over how quickly you connect with your target audience. Be it taking queries, support requests, doubts, or anything else which requires quick assistance. Postoplan helps you reach out faster and easier.

Benefits of using Postoplan || Postoplan Review

Postoplan is one of the best social network marketing platforms. It provides the most common features of a social network marketing platform for free. The AI-powered marketing automation platform. Features like Scheduling, Planning, Image Library, for which you will have to pay a pretty penny on other solutions.

Shortcomings of Postoplan || Postoplan Review

One of the only shortcomings of this free social media automation software is that it lacks an on-premise deployment platform.

Pricing Plans of Postoplan || Postoplan Review

Postoplan is available in three pricing plans that we will discuss here:

  • Free Version
    Postoplan’s free version charges you nothing and allows you to integrate unlimited social media accounts. Not only that but it also let’s you make unlimited posts but only for 1 user. Also, it excludes LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Instagram. It allows you to perform only one recurring task across all social media accounts. The free account limits you to see the messages for up to 7 days only and, authorizes you to schedule for only 7 days in advance. It also only lets you post 1 image in a post, plus no mobile app support
  • Pro Version
    Pro Version comes in three different periodic plans
    1. 30 Days Pro Version – $19
    2. 90 Days Pro Version – $49
    3. 365 Days Pro Version – $179
    In Pro Version, you can add unlimited users and schedule unlimited LinkedIn posts. And Pro Version allows you to add up to 10 Instagram and WhatsApp accounts. You can make unlimited recurring tasks and schedule way long into the future. The Social Inbox in Pro Version has no time limit to it and you can add more than 1 image per post.
  • Agency Version
    Agency Version also comes in three different periodic plans:
    1. 30 Days Agency Version – $399
    2. 90 Days Agency Version – $1099
    3. 365 Days Agency Version – $3999
    Agency Version offers all the features of Pro Version with the added benefit of unlimited WhatsApp and Instagram account support. Plus, the Agency Version gives greater flexibility in working with owner, manager, and guest functions.

Conclusion || Postoplan Review

Postoplan is overall one of the best social network marketing platforms in the market. The features which you have to pay a pretty price for are completely free here. It is an essential tool for you to have if you are running a medium to small-scale operation or on a tight budget. As in this Postoplan review here we have discussed how easy it is to get started with Postoplan. You can select the images through an in-built catalog and edit them with Postoplan alone. Enterprises with WordPress-based websites and large-scale operations can integrate their office Slack and WordPress to Postoplan to consolidate their operations better. This AI-powered marketing automation platform makes you exceptionally self-sufficient in managing social media activities. Another key benefit of using Postoplan is that it allows users to manage their social media activities even from smartphones and tablets.

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