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Vyper is known to be a customer-reliable management solution developed to create promotions, campaigns, social media giveaways most easily and simply. It is a highly effective and reliable tool that helps businesses to accomplish contests, manage giveaways, and set up reward programs on a central platform. 

It offers users to utilize the pre-designed templates to build and modify user’s site landing pages and brand logo, theme, text, color, videos, and images. This results in customizing requirements according to your choice to create a faster social media campaign.

This tool is highly beneficial and must be owned by every brand or agency as a great tool for any type of business. It also enables users to create customized sign-up forms and contest widgets across landing pages for efficient lead generation. It enables employees to distribute reward and bonus points based on referral links and campaigns by sharing across various social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. 


Vyper identifies suspicious activities and prohibits such contenders automatically from online contests. It also integrates with several third-party solutions like Mailchimp, Zapier, etc. Vyper can be experienced on monthly and annual subscriptions. Query support is extended via documentation, email, community forum, and FAQ. 

Here are some of the detailed features of Vyper that can be used for social media campaigns,


Display Interface

The most euphoric feature of Vyper is its visual interface that enables you to come up with new designs for your promotions and take trials of many variable features of Vyper. You can customize your promotional content from all dimensions by choosing different fonts, colors, etc. Many pre-designed templates can be experimented with and customized as per your needs using the visual designer.

Campaign Templates 

Here, you can find pre-designed templates for a variety of campaigns. As the templates are remarkably designed, you won’t require much time to again make any more customizations. You just need to fill in the details related to your brand campaigns and you can get going. The most amazing part is that it includes all major parts of your promotional campaign and offers social media templates for each action, as one for the launch of the contest, next for promotions, later for winner announcements, and so on. The makes Vyper a remarkable element. 

Email Integrated

This is another interesting feature where you can merge your social media campaigns with your email marketing. You will be able to send messages and email alerts about your contest and giveaways. This feature is suitable for any newly launched business or any established industry. 

Vyper integrates with some of the email marketing platforms such as Drip, Active Campaign, MailChimp, AutoPilot, GetResponse, etc. 

Let us now learn how Vyper can be used to create campaigns,

Starting a Contest and Managing Giveaways

You can start a campaign on various social media or giveaways that may boost up your number of followers. This can be done by luring people with rewards so that they like, comment, and follow your post. You may even request your fellow users to tag their friends so that you may earn extra points. More and more people will be attracted to the contest when you attach a reward for winners.

A campaign by User Content

It also accepts user-created content from fellow followers and customers to start campaigns. It gives an option for the type of incentive people wish to avail themselves. The incentive can be either a reward in real or a shoutout for winners to get featured on your campaign page. 

Referral and Reward Program

There is yet another combination of reward and referral programs. You get to reward people for both buying from your brand and also referring you to their friends.

Ambassador Program

In this, you may convert your existing customers to become your brand ambassadors. This plan may be used to reward your customers so that they promote your brand and even refer it to your friends.

Loyalty Program 

Here, your customers get points when they buy them from you and may redeem those points for rewards later. The rewards may be any product, discount coupon, etc.

Waitlist Campaign

This campaign aims at publicizing your app, service, or any product you are going to plan to launch. This assists in obtaining customers on your waitlist for your product or app. Such campaigns prove to be a great way to boost the downloads for your yet-to-be-launched product during the testing stage.

Milestone Challenge

This program promotes people to make more purchases and also to increase engagement with your brand the same way as you offer points when people buy something from you. Such points can be redeemed later for any reward. But here, you can also set milestones and your customers will be eligible when they cross a certain milestone. 

Organizer Panel

Unlike setting milestones, people get into a competition mode with one another to top the leaderboard. And for people who have already made it to the top of the panel will be awarded better than those people below them. 


Apart from all the above campaigning features that Vyper possesses, there are more to add to the features inventory. These can be listed as below,

  • Track users using Facebook Pixel Code
  • Numerous types of rewards
  • A loyalty program can be started from scratch
  • Prize delivery is automated
  • Google Analytics permitted
  • Another leaderboard alternative
  • Display types- Landing Pages, Embedding forms, Website Widget
  • Design templates are pre-designed and mobile-friendly
  • Campaigns can be customized as per user preference
  • Provides action features that allow users to tag, follow, share for points collection.
  • Email marketing platforms can be integrated
  • Emails are automated
  • Unnecessary IP addresses can be restricted access
  • Creates engaging campaigns using a visual designer


Vyper’s initial plan comes free for up to 250 participants per month. But, when you get good results, you will be required to upgrade it to the paid version. The paid plans take care of all types of users. 



This suits a small business that generates up to 10k leads per month priced at $49 per month. This also helps in growing your email list.


This is more suitable for large businesses that generate up to 30k leads per month. It comprises all PRO plan features and the addition of a white label service facility. This is priced at $149 per month where you can customize your campaign to your brand removing the Vyper brand.


This costs $299 per month and is the largest of all available plans. This plan can be fruitful for marketing agencies as they generate more leads and generate multiple clients. It can generate up to 120k leads per month and 10 different accounts can be created for diverse clients. 



  1. Ultimate features with attractive giveaways
  2. Offers integration with Email Marketing
  3. Integrations with Zapier
  4. Provides free templates
  5. Campaigns can be created quickly
  6. Simple and easy to use
  7. You can avail a free trial 


  1. The tool does not come with multi-functionality features.

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Navigating through many user experiences, Vyper is undoubtedly a great platform for creating campaigns on various social media platforms. It is particularly helpful in increasing customer reach. It is aggressively priced, easy to use, effective and reliable for ample lead generation for any kind of business that depends on social media. 

You have the general technical support FAQs where most of your queries or doubts will be answered. There are many tutorial and demo videos available on YouTube for users’ reference. 

If now you feel Vyper is a great campaign tool then do share some of your great experiences and let many others enjoy the diversity of Vyper. 


SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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