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Webflow is a website builder that has attracted a lot of attention. But how nice is it? For whom designed? How much this software costs? I am going to address all the above-mentioned questions, But, let’s start with the basics first –



Most of the people refer to Webflow as an online toolkit for building websites. It’s a great combination between the classic content management platform and conventional website builders like WordPress. It is indeed one of those exceptionally SaaS platforms with the professedly specific target market.

Getting Confused? 

This review post created to wave off that confusion. Considering the various components which Webflow offer including, CMS, Designer, eCommerce, Hosting, etc. you will also get answers to questions for anyone considering this platform.

The primary principle of WebSocial is so-called “smart codelessness”. Alternatively stated, it aims to provide a desirable balance between customization capabilities and code fewer processes of site-building. Also, you can monitor many of your website’s attributes without operating on the correct source.


Surprisingly, this platform does not lock you out of the cycle of coding. It still uses fun software to help you thoroughly customize your page, without actually confining yourself to any particular submission platform.

Are you feeling interested to know more?

Alright, hang around because this review post of the Webflow enables you to reach all the major components associated with this platform. Read out the essential features of Webflow, customer support, pricing, and the associated pros and cons.


Webflow moved ahead to the path of success with this mantra – “If you can imagine the ultimate outcome, you can bring it to life.”


This simple, yet versatile web-based drag and drop tool mainly developed with the principal focus on the designers and regular people. This tool will help them easily create responsive, flexible and powerful websites and applications better and faster without any special coding skills.

But that’s not all. The site builder was also systematically integrated with a CMS framework for seamless management of the entire ecosystem.

The platform is consistently integrated based on the framework of the Content Management System, which helps in seamlessly managing the entire ecosystem. They are also looking forward to capitalizing on some of the core functions, which include:

  • Ecommerce
  • CMS
  • Designing
  • Web Hosting
  • Interactions
  • Editing, etc.  

Though this platform serves as an alternative to WordPress, it claims to be much simpler than this. As having said that, WordPress considered being one of the simplest and the best and simplest CMS platforms available on the internet today.

So, will Webflow able to take the challenge? Let’s check it out!

Salient Features

Inclusive Ease Of Use

One thing that could impress you right off the bat is the overall versatility or flexibility of Webflow.

For example, the website designer doesn’t come with the rigid site construction framework that is available in many other “user-friendly” options. In other words, you can choose any template of your choice here.

Although that considered to be an easy option as there are limited customization capabilities for pre-designed themes. But this website builder allows you to start with a completely blank canvas and build your site from the ground up.


Not only this, Webflow is designed to facilitate complete responsiveness and mobile-centric adaptability. Moreover, it also provides various designing features which include the tiniest website elements. Typography, which has numerous possibilities to accommodate, including Typekit, Google Font, and your own custom font.

Webflow, in particular, does not restrict you to its system. At any time, you can conveniently export Javascript, HTML, and CSS from your page to a third party website.

In case you are working on different projects simultaneously, then you should be able to arrange and control them directly from the dashboard display. With the project options, you can add them in folders, share, duplicate, and edit them. All the projects are available with a different set of array settings, which includes external service connections, SEO, code integrations, backups, websites, etc.

Though the only downside is the complex framework that is available with it. Newbies can find it a little difficult to try out the latest features of Webflow. However, it becomes easier and easier with more websites you work on.

These people also offer a complete set of useful video tutorials, which helps in providing valuable guidance in case you face any issues. But if that doesn’t turn out, you can always contact the customer support team, who I found to be quite responsive.

On the whole, people who are having the most manageable time using this platform are probably HTML and CSS coders. Similarly, on the other hand, non-coders are also most likely to gain great results just by footing well after a couple of hours on this platform.

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WebFlow Hosting 

The hosting function provided by this platform works on the policy – “Start building for free, add hosting to go live.” In simple terms, you are allowed to start creating your website on a free Webflow subdomain. You can then pay for one of the Webflow hosting packages to connect the website to a custom domain name.


One of the best plans to gain complete advantage of the hosting services is the basic plan. It allows us to provide hosting for some simple site with less than 500 form submissions and 25,000 monthly visits and at a minimum cost of $15 per month or $12 per month billed yearly.

Not only the custom domains, but there are also some extra features which are provided by this tool –

  • Free SSL certificate
  • CDN
  • Advanced SEO
  • Backups
  • Versioning
Some of the other benefits of leveraging Webflow hosting include: 
  • Webflow hosting based on decentralized infrastructure operated by renowned cloud providers such as Amazon CloudFront and fastly.
  • Webflow hosting provides an additional CDN (Content Delivery Network) at zero additional cost. It accelerates the delivery of content to site visitors far from the position of your primary server.
  • Provides SSL compliance certificate for free to ensure that each site adheres to the current standards for web encrypted communications.
  • Webflow hosting based on more than 100 data centers spread across 6 continents, letting you choose a server that is nearest to your chief traffic source.
  • It provides a shorter loading page as compared to the standard HTTP websites.webflow-review
Webflow Designer

The website builder and the design tool is given a fancy name as Webflow Designer, which provides a unique twist to the entire website creation process.

It provides a balance between the worlds of coding and non-coding. Users who do not have the advanced coding skills will take advantage of the intuitive DIY side of the website builder. Instead, on the other hand, experienced programmers, designers, and organizations will benefit from the complete freedom of choice that comes with the programming side of the Webflow site builder.


Therefore, you can consider it as a hybrid site builder. Apart from this, some of the specific features of this platform include:

Languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS coding easily handled by website-builder. Web developers expected to like the code creation features of their visual designer, which saves the trouble by line writing code.

The next thing which sets this Designer apart from others is its exceptional approach to editing the visual things. As here the canvas is designed to provide you with an easy to use way to tweak the elements of your page, with the versatility provided by HTML and CSS. For example, placing a square requires you to add a new “part” or “box” and then build a “set” location.

Well, Webflow Designer seems designed to serve professional web designers along with developers in the first place as well as their agencies.

Final Words

Webflow is one exceptional, high-end website builder for freelancers and designers. Several features like Databases, integrations, databases, several layout edit modes, identificators, integrations, template code export, etc. make it one of a kind platform.

The blended force of its Hosting, Designer, E-commerce offers, and Editor/CMS is massive. This website builder has also the most exquisite tailor-made website development setups. The 24*7 support team makes every single process smooth and easy.

In short,

Simplicity Level – (simple)

Progress in Learning – Mid (before you think to jump in and create something, you need to first watch the available videos and understand every terminology)

For Consumers (Perfectly suitable)

For Designers (Perfectly suitable)

For Developers (Perfectly suitable)

Time taken in the Development process (Quick)

Whitelabel – For businesses and agencies who carry out the payment.

In-built templates – Yes

Pricing Plans – Low


Your Thoughts?

I am thankful to you for taking the time from your busy schedule to read our analysis of Webflow. Was this review helpful? Do you have something to add, or do you disagree with some points? Let’s discuss in the comment section given below.


SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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