Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform || ZoConvert Review 2022

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Facebook Messenger has become one of the new ways to perform online marketing. The portal provides an easy way to reach out to targeted individuals and given Facebook’s marketing algorithm you can directly target more specific individuals. It is unique and it has a user base large enough to attract organizations from everywhere to get customers. The portal has already helped a lot of online marketers in the past couple of years. With that out of the way, online marketing agencies are now looking for the best Facebook messenger marketing platforms. These platforms help them improve their messenger interactions by leaps and bounds through a multitude of features, such as automatic chatbots, quick customer interaction routing chats, etc.


One such Facebook messenger marketing platform is “ZoConvert.” It has been widely used by marketers worldwide and is emerging as a Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform.” In this ZoConvert Review we will learn more about:

  • What is  ZoConvert?
  • It’s Features
  • How it helps you get an upper hand on regular email marketing
  • Pricing, and finally
  • Is it really worth your money?

What is ZoConvert ||  ZoConvert Review 

ZoConvert is one of the best Facebook messenger bots that help you improve your outreach through messenger for better customer outreach and connectivity.  The Facebook messenger marketing platform calls itself a ‘Smart Optimization Tool’ and ensures an easy bot deployment process quickly. It comes with an excellently designed and easy-to-use user-friendly interface. ZoConvert was also noted as one of the best chatbot development platforms in 2018 by Techlofy. In its two years of existence, ZoConvert is turning out to be one of the best solutions.

Here are some key features of ZoConvert that makes it so appealing:

  1. Zoconvert provides a personalized dashboard that helps marketer integrate their website with much-needed ease. No coding is required.
  2. It offers plenty of pre-written codes for instant bot deployment procedures.
  3. It has a feature of building automated advertising campaigns that pop up at appropriate times.
  4. Can post up to 10 ad-campaign labels within a single message
  5. Allows you to broadcast your message
  6. Customizable pop-ups and widgets
  7. Easily accessible chat plugins
  8. Subscribers list structuring
  9. Up-to-date automatic advertisements to get more subscribers

These above-mentioned features cover the ground for most of any Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform. What makes it unique is the accessibility of pre-written codes for quick and easy chatbot development.  All of these features are adequately helpful for Facebook marketers to conduct a smooth-sailing and hassle-free marketing experience.


Why Marketers Use ZoConvert? ||  ZoConvert Review

Here are some notable reasons why Facebook Marketers prefer to use ZoConvert:

  • Subscriber Boost:
    Through a set of well-designed features, Zoconvert facilitates the growth and management of subscribers. For starters, the instant setup of automated chatbots helps create and curate automated welcome messages, advertising campaigns, and product offers, with zero knowledge of coding.

    The “commenting tool” lets you reach out to people commenting on your Facebook posts to potential customers. ZoConvert’s marketing-friendly design helps you automatically reach out to an audience with similar interests as that of your products or services.

    ZoConvert’s timely advertising feature is another key benefit for online Facebook marketers. It sends messages to customers regarding product sales and new arrivals through a personalized messaging system that can carry up to 10 Ad cards.

    Lastly, its message broadcasting system gives an 80% open rate and 50% click-through rate, which is some of the highest in the industry.

  • Easy Setup and User-Friendly Customization Options:
    Among various contenders for the best Facebook messenger marketing platform are considered, ZoConvert stands out well in terms of easiness in setup and configuration,

    It offers a pretty quick installation option in comparison to other Facebook messenger bot solutions. Users can simply sign up with their current Facebook ID with which they can manage their pages and registration is completed.

    Most Facebook Messenger platforms need javascript integration to create a new pop-up every time. But Zoconvert gets rid of this requirement completely. It uses a single-time javascript integration and that’s all. You have to integrate it only once and create pop-up ads management.

    Other features that help simplify the configuration include access to customizable widgets and pop-ups for your website and conversion of website audience to potential Facebook subscribers.

  • Business-friendly Interface:
    ZoConvert has a personal dashboard that lets you integrate it with your website or blog. It works perfectly with platforms such as Magento, WordPress, Shopify, etc. It also has a very friendly interface for B2C, B2B, e-commerce, and various other business opportunities.

    Enabled with smart cart recovery benefits and supplementary trigger options makes it even more compliant for different kinds of business activities.

    It also can build landing pages, which is very non-specific to these kinds of solutions. But it definitely comes in handy whenever needed. A simple landing page acting as a holder for page names, usernames, etc. is mighty convenient.

  • Streamlining Operations For Businesses:
    ZoConvert helps in maintaining a properly organized subscribers list with important customer info such as email ID, location, phone number, etc. Subscribers are not required to specify these details, as ZoConvert does it on its own. Such a feature will also help you reduce your dependency on managing physical excel sheets.

    Chat flow regulation and management in ZoConvert helps the user to keep a solid track of all the customer chats and interactions. The messenger bot keeps track of all subscriber’s lists with regards to fresh subscribers and also makes it easy for the existing customers to unsubscribe.

    Zoconvert’s analytics help you calculate the page’s progress with convenient growth tools.

Pricing of ZoConvert ||  ZoConvert Review

ZoConvert’s pricing is based on a pay-as-you-go model oriented on the number of subscribers per month you have. The software will calculate the subscriber in the entire billing cycle and will charge you accordingly. Zoconvert has a price slab that gives you a rough idea of how much it will charge you.

The prices start at 0 dollars for managing up to 100 subscribers
The prices start at 0 dollars for managing up to 100 subscribers
And the pricing starts right after at 100 subscribers. You can manage up to 1000 subscribers for the price of $19 per month
And the pricing starts right after at 100 subscribers. You can manage up to 1000 subscribers for the price of $19 per month
Zoconvert charges $59 per month 5000 subscribers
$99 monthly for managing 20,000 subscribers
For anything beyond 20,000 subscribers, the prices will be customizable.


Pros and Cons of ZoConvert ||  ZoConvert Review

ZoConvert has its fair share of advantages and drawbacks. Let’s start with the advantages first:

  1. Business-friendly design
  2. Makes it easy to subscribe and unsubscribe
  3. Flexible pricing model
  4. Simplified pop-up ad management
  5. Enhanced Ad management
  6. Can plug up to 10 Ad Cards


Now some Cons:

    1. A deficit of templates for pop-ups, welcome messages, etc. It is not that big of a deal, but having templates at hand is convenient for emergency operations.
    2. The above-mentioned “comment tool” can cause inconvenience at times. The tool converts people to subscribers based on comments received on a given post, but if a user comments on an advertising post, they get converted as well.

      It can be a bit troublesome because people might encounter an ad post for various reasons and may not be interested in the page at all. But now they are receiving messages about a product that they are not interested in. Repeat this several times and Facebook may just end up flagging your page for spam. For such issues, the easy to unsubscribe function helps you out.

    3. ZoConvert lacks advanced bot functions like complete storage of the user database in a single location, managing deeper aspects of the page functionality, and customer review for a better experience. However, the chatbots offered as of now are pretty solid so it works well for the time being.

Is ZoConvert Worth The Money? ||  ZoConvert Review

Given the pros and cons we have just discussed, it is justified for you to have the above-mentioned question. But before making up your mind consider that every tool has its shortcomings, and do a few cons take away the entire credibility of the software?

The features Zoconvert offers are some of the best in the market. It offers massive convenience for reaching out. The best Facebook Messenger Platform facilitates simple and comfortable interaction and has a plethora of customizable features. The chatbot deployment is not only quick to install and configure but fully debugged. It has zero coding required to set up and get-go. Plus you get to enjoy an automated ad campaign and broadcast system which is capable of plugging 10 Ad cards into a message.

There is a deluge of messenger platform software in the market but Zoconvert is on its path to the best Facebook messenger marketing platform. It helps you manage all kinds of business and is highly compatible and optimizable for any operation. Plus it has a free feature that lets you test things out before you go all in.  Hence, giving ZoConvert a chance is not going to harm you in any way.

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