ActiveChat Review | Versatile Chatbot Platform | Start your 14-Day Trial Today

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ActiveChat Review-Versatile Chatbot Platform-Start your 14-Day Trial Today

ActiveChat is the ultimate chatbot software for building a chatbot for your Facebook Messenger, SMS, Telegram, and website. The tool focuses on the conversational design and comprises numerous tools for seamless business integrations.

ActiveChat is a sophisticated visual chatbot development platform. There is great flexibility in bot design and the platform is easy to use for even those who do not have prior chatbot experience. The platform is equally powerful to achieve most complex business goals. 


ActiveChat provides visual conversational designs and organized decision trees by just dragging and dropping. You can add dialogues, images to your chat scenarios. Some of the interesting features of ActiveChat are,

  • Visual builder
  • Website chat widget
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Multiple channels
  • SMS autoresponder
  • Keyword detection
  • Website tracking
  • Roles and teams
  • Live chat
  • Advanced integrations
  • Timers
  • Broadcasts
  • Live chat groups
  • 10 agent seats included
  • Conversational AI
  • Advanced analytics
  • API access
The Elements

ActiveChat provides all the Chatbot attributes required to build your chatbot. What makes it terrific is the validation of user email addresses, dates, and emails. The only thing lacking is the location sharing and Vertical Lists.

User Interface 

The User Interface has an intuitive and simple dashboard showing the chatbots that you have created. ActiveChat makes use of the visual flow builder when you start to build a chatbot. With this, it becomes easy to create a chatbot flow and connect messages. You can select any of the elements and drag them in the flow builder and then connect this element with others using arrows. You also have an option to test your Chatbot in the same interface itself.


Whenever there is any interaction with your chatbot then you can easily view the conversations and the related user information. It is also possible to assign tags and certain custom fields to users you can filter almost every element in your chatbot flow. You will also be able to segment users with custom fields and tags and send broadcasts to only specific segments of users of your choice. 


ActiveChat lets you send sequences and broadcasts to a particular user or a segment of users. You can use conditions also along with it. Here, again you can filter every element in your chatbot using custom fields and tags. You also have the option to create a chatbot in any language but it isn’t possible to easily translate your chatbot to another language.


It is possible to identify keywords with ActiveChat. Furthermore, they have a Dialogue flow integration where you can grab the intent of the user and utilize the Entities.


With ActiveChat, you can put a chatbot on your website, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and even send automated emails making an omnichannel chatbot experience for your users.

There will be no extra charge to send emails to your subscribers as it can be integrated with your own website/email server. You can also send SMS’s to your users with Twilio as it can be integrated with your chatbot. 


The most important integration of the chatbot is its built-in live chat. ActiceChat cannot be integrated with Zapier and Integromat. However, it can be integrated using a JSON webhook. Another amazing feature is the ActiveChat integrations with Google Sheets and Google Calendar. 


You can attract more people to your chatbot by connecting Facebook Ads to your chatbot, building landing pages, creating QR codes and custom URLs to your chatbot. Unfortunately, you cannot use the one-time notification, auto-reply to Facebook comments, or create buttons to your chatbot. 

Website Widget

ActiveChat has a pretty advanced website widget. You will be able to send tailored messages to the user based on their current URL. However, instead of this, you will be able to check the number of page visits with which an extremely tailored message can be sent to the user. 


Analytics are extremely important as they show your chatbot’s performance and help you to improve elements in your chatbot. But, Activechat provides minimal analysis of your chatbot and gives options to just see the number of users and user growth. 


With this, you will be able to integrate WooCommerce and Shopify with your chatbot. You can even make a purchase directly from the chatbot. You can also make a webshop within your chatbot using the Visual Flow Builder.

With the chatbot, you can add products to your cart, show products, cart, and create orders. Then, you can send the payment link within the chatbot so that users can pay directly through it. That makes an extremely impressive eCommerce integration.

Templates and Cloning

18 pre-designed templates can directly be installed to build your chatbot. It is also possible to duplicate your chatbot elements and chatbot flows to speed up your chatbot. But, there is no option to customize the templates and share them.


There is no preference to optimize and perform A/B testing.


ActiveChat consists of a database that has extensive documentation, video tutorials and provides customer support through email and live chat.


ActiveChat provides a free trial for 14 days to test the complete features. 


The Team Plan will cost $33/month (if paid annually). This includes many features, 1500 chatbot users per year, and one live agent.

The Company Plan will cost $1249/month (if paid annually). This includes all features of the platform, 1,000,000 chatbot users per year, and 10 live chat agents.


1.Very simple platform to use

2.Several bot templates

3.Several bots channel

4.SMS bot

5.Easy visual setup

6.Able to send the mass broadcast


1.Can be extended to some more channels like Instagram and Whatsapp

2.User Interface can be more attractive

3.No follow-up or segmentation

4.Slow customer support

5.No Zapier support

6.No RSS/feed integration

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ActiveChat has a good interface and several chatbot elements, can add custom fields/tags, segment your users, send campaigns and broadcasts. It also comprises of Dialogflow integration, put your chatbot across multiple channels, has built-in live chat,consists advanced website widget and the best e-commerce integrations. 

The only lacking element is the Integromat/Zapier integration and the determination of chatbot analytics to further make improvements in your chatbot. Considering your requirements, advantages and disadvantages, you can decide on the chatbot software that suits your needs. 

SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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