Tailwind Review: Don’t Buy a Social Media Scheduler Until You Read This!!

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Social Media has turned into a beast that needs to be tamed, and in this Tailwind review, we’ll tell you how you can do that. Tailwind has been quite popular as a Pinterest marketing tool, but now Tailwind seems to be shedding its Pinterest tag by expanding its horizons on the social media plateau.

Right now, Tailwind has successfully managed to become one of the most preferred content schedulers amongst Instagram users. So, it’s no longer a Pinterest scheduling tool, but a complete social media management software. In fact, Tailwind for Instagram comes with a drag and drop interface, which ensures a more convenient scheduling experience.



In this Tailwind review 2020, we’ll tell you all about this highly productive social media management software and how you can use it to manage campaigns more effectively. It’s an innovative Pinterest and Instagram Scheduler that helps to automate scheduling, provides insights, and helps keep track of how your posts are performing. Let us now explore some of the best features of this Pinterest and Instagram Scheduler.


Initial set-up 




The initial set up process for Pinterest is pretty straightforward. You need to log into your Tailwind dashboard, click on the ‘+’ button, and then add your Pinterest account. Coming to Instagram, we recommend that you get yourself an Instagram business account prior to linking the two.

You can create an Instagram Business account quite easily by linking your official Facebook Page to your Instagram account. If you wish to change the currently linked Facebook page, then we recommend that you do so and then get back to this Tailwind review. Although the above step isn’t mandatory, it’ll help you qualify for the automatic posting feature.


Schedule Posts


When you log into your Tailwind Dashboard, you’ll find the option ‘Scheduler,’ which allows you to schedule your social media posts. You can either schedule your pins through the regular scheduler or choose to use the Smart Loop option, which we shall discuss in a while.



You can do this from your browser or by installing the Tailwind application on your Android or iOS devices. The core advantage of installing the Tailwind mobile application is that you can approve posts before publishing, straight from your mobile device.

Another cool feature of Tailwind’s publisher tool is its time slot suggestion feature. It eliminates the need for you to spend hours devising strategies to get more engagement. Tailwind does that for you and suggests the best time slots for your posts. So, you won’t have to use server trackers and spend hours trying to figure out the best time to publish your posts. However, if you choose to rely on your own research or customize the time slot, then this social media management software lets you do that.


Makes it easier to manage multiple accounts


Small businesses, social media influencers, and affiliate marketers often need to manage multiple social media accounts, which can be tedious and expensive. If that’s making your life difficult, then you could try out Tailwind’s Enterprise plan. This plan allows you to switch between multiple social media accounts that you may have created.



It works exceptionally well for retailers selling two or more entirely different products. So, if you sell Women’s apparel on Etsy and outdoor equipment on Amazon, then you’ll be able to do both from a single platform. Just create two different sets of social media accounts and use Tailwind to manage all of them. This feature works great for Amazon FBA users that are trying to develop their own brand and are most likely to have multiple social media accounts.


Add Collaborators


Managing social media accounts involves teamwork because it requires many people to work on them simultaneously. It includes content creators such as copywriters, editors, illustrators, content strategists, and more. Also, in most cases, these team members work remotely, which makes the entire process cumbersome. So, to manage all your resources efficiently, you need a social media management software that lets you streamline your team’s workflow.

You can do this using Tailwind because this tool allows you to add collaborators. So, by using this tool to collaborate with content creators and also with those in charge of approving it, you save up several hours. Unless you use this sort of a content scheduling solution, you will end up spending hours making calls and sending emails. However, there is a limit on the number of collaborators that you can add depending on your subscription plan.






SmartLoops is a recent addition to Tailwind’s new suite of automation tools, and worth an exclusive mention in this Tailwind review. This feature allows you to automatically re-post the best performing social media posts and recirculate them without any manual work. Every Tailwind plan will enable you to use SmartLoops to make a certain number of re-posts. Once you have reached the upper limit, you can buy more SmarLoops if you wish to.

However, SmartLoops may or may not work for you, and its effectiveness largely depends on your business type and content strategy. Although this feature makes it convenient to re-post evergreen content, it may not work well with time-sensitive content. For example, you may not want to re-post a social media post that speaks about Winter Jackets during the rest of the year. So, even if that’s one of your best performing social media posts, it is also time-sensitive and must show up only during the winter season. So, to sum it up, SmartLoops is a smart addition by Tailwind. But you still need to be extremely cautious while using it.





Social Media platforms are highly dynamic, so you need to know what’s working for you and what isn’t. Doing this may require the use of social media trackers and sophisticated analytics tools. Therefore, to simplify the entire process and to provide a one-stop solution to all your content scheduling needs, Tailwind does that for you. This social media management software provides useful insights on all your social media posts and picks the top performers.

You can check the performance of each post based on key performance indicators. You can do this for every pin or post, which lets you identify the most engaging posts and pins. Also, as mentioned earlier in this Tailwind review, you would be able to discover the best time slots to post content using this Pinterest and Instagram Scheduler. All of this helps drive more engagement. You can also integrate Google Analytics and have the results coming straight into your inbox.


What is a Tailwind Tribe? 




Tailwind is synonymous with ‘Tailwind Tribes,’ which simply refers to a group of like-minded people that share a common interest or hobby. Being part of a tribe helps you reach out to the right audiences, as all the tribe members and their followers share a common interest such as technology, gardening, home décor, etc.

The core advantages of using the Tailwind Tribe is safety and legitimacy. Since Moderators manually regulate the Tailwind Tribes, these are free from spammers. As a Tailwind user, you would have access to a certain number of Tribes, depending on your subscription plan. Every Tribe Member gets to make a certain number of post submissions. Again, you can pay a small fee and make additional submissions as and when required.





As mentioned earlier in this review, Tailwind is a complete social media management software. However, for the sake of pricing, it is bifurcated into two distinct products — Tailwind for Instagram and Tailwind for Pinterest. Choosing one can be confusing because both the products are priced the same. So, if you have a small budget and can afford only one, we’d recommend Tailwind for Pinterest.

We say this after a quick analysis of the pricing plans. It clearly indicates that you get more value on the Pinterest plan as compared to the Tailwind for Instagram. You can schedule more pins than you can schedule posts. But since Pinterest and Instagram work differently, there’s no way to make a clear distinction.


Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


Coming back to the pricing part, Tailwind offers two pricing plans for both its products — Plus Plan and Enterprise Plan. In this Tailwind review, we will discuss only the Plus plan. It is because the Enterprise Plan does not come with a fixed price tag. It leaves buyers with the sole option to email Tailwind’s Sales Team for a quote.


Tailwind’s Plus Plans


Tailwind’s Plus Plans are designed for small business owners that wish to manage their own Pinterest or Instagram accounts or buy access for their social media managers. If you are just starting with your social media presence and have limited requirements, then this plan should suffice.

Once you get better at it and have exhausted its features, you can still cling on to your month-long subscription plan and buy power-ups. In the world of Tailwind, power-ups are add-on features that Tailwind offers to its existing subscribers, but for a small cost.




Plus Plan – Tailwind for Pinterest

  • Monthly pricing – $14.99 per month
  • Annual pricing – $9.99 per month
  • Allows 30-Day no credit card free trial
  • Allows 1 Pinterest Account
  • You can schedule up to 100 Pins
  • Access to 5 Tailwind Tribes
  • Can use up to 250 Smartloop Posts
  • Allows 1 User plus 2 Collaborators


Plus Plan – Tailwind for Instagram

  • Monthly pricing – $14.99 per month
  • Annual pricing – $9.99 per month
  • Allows 30-Day no credit card free trial
  • Allows 1 Instagram Account
  • You can schedule or re-schedule up to 30 Posts only
  • Hashtag Finder
  • Auto Posting
  • Drag and Drop Calendar
  • Allows 1 User plus 2 Collaborators


Power-ups for Pinterest

  • SmartLoop for 250 posts – $4.99 per month for every account
  • Cost for every set of 5 Tribes – $4.99 per month




Not long ago, Tailwind also offered a Professional Plan, which made it convenient for social media managers to manage multiple social media accounts for their clients. At present, the only way to use various social media accounts on Tailwind is by subscribing to its Enterprise Plan. To do this, you need to email Tailwind’s Sales Team and put it across your list of requirements. Depending on which they’ll get back to you with a quote. You can also request a demo of the Enterprise Plan to know the additional features that you would get with it.


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As we conclude this Tailwind Review, we must emphasize that there’s no need for Tailwind to price its two products individually. A combined subscription offer would have been more desirable because of the similarities between Instagram and Pinterest platforms. However, Tailwind is still transitioning into a social media management software from a Pinterest marketing tool. Which is why we expect its pricing pattern to change. While you can still use features like SmartLoops and Auto poster with the 30-Day free trial. It would be unwise to let go of this opportunity.





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