MobileMonkey Review – The World’s Leading OmniChat Platform for Successful Digital Marketers

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MobileMonkey Review - The World’s Leading OmniChat Platform for Successful Digital Marketers


MobileMonkey is one of the best chatbot software mainly used for chatbots on websites, SMS, and Facebook Messenger. This OmniChat platform assists in marketing, sales, and customer service platforms designed for B2C companies. It lets digital marketers build powerful chatbots to interact with the customers, grow the contact list, segment the audience, and boost conversions. 

Its unique products are built for Instagram, Agencies, in-house marketers, and SMB owners. MobileMonkey offers the OmniChat platform that is a revolutionary patented chatbot marketing technology. The exclusive features include,

Multi-platform Chatbot Builder

You can write a single copy of content that perhaps be used on every chat platform.

Unified Chat Inbox  

It is a cohesive chat inbox for all the customer communications through chat.

Instant Communication 

This tool enables chatting with customers directly on messaging apps that they are already using.

MobileMonkey strikes a perfect balance between its simplicity of usage and its speed. The OmniChat tools let you get more leads and then sales. It also helps in building customer relationships and guaranteed lead generation. 

MobileMonkey boasts itself as the World’s Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform. While this may sound like an overstatement, we need to find out if it stands up to the mark. In this MobileMonkey Review. Let us find out more about its ease of use, features, pricing, and a few more elements to help you make a better decision on exploring MobileMonkey by yourself. 


How to use MobileMonkey?

The SignUp process of MobileMonkey is hassle-free and easy. It requires few details like your name, email, password, your company name, website and phone number. The best part is you are not required to enter in your credit card details. Once you login with your credentials, you will be directed to the dashboard where all the details are neatly placed and easily understood even by a beginner. You can start building a chatbot with the available widgets and automatic functionalities. mobilemonkey-dashboard Once you start with the chatbot building, you will find the Dialogues tab where you can add the dialogues or set the default dialogue. mobilemonkey-dialogues Next is the Q&A part where any user message does not match with the Q&A then the bot will send a no response. mobilemonkey-q&a The Automation Rules customizes the message sent when any validation fails and if you uncheck a message then validation will be skipped for that type. mobilemonkey-automation-rules The Inbox tab helps to put a chat widget on your website to start a conversation with the website visitors. mobilemonkey-inbox The Campaigns section helps create a Chat Blaster and build Drip Campaigns. mobilemonkey-campaigns Leads tab searches audiences from your contact list and has an option to add any new audience to the list. mobilemonkey-leads The Integrations part lets your website integrate with Zapier and other third party integration platforms as per your needs. mobilemonkey-integration With all the functionalities, you can also view your chatbot analytics and apply strategy to optimize for better efficiency and stability.

MobileMonkey OmniChat for Social Media Messaging Marketing Tool

MobileMonkey comes with four products for various social media messaging marketing tools that can be made use of according to the users. Firstly, the platform is a Facebook messenger platform so, to connect elsewhere, you have to in the first step apply to any of its products only by signing up with Facebook.
MobileMonkey For Instagram 

MobileMonkey has introduced the official Instagram tools in its Beta version for better engagement and message volume scalability. You can apply for the Instagram message tools using Facebook signup. 

With MobileMonkey’s Instagram messaging tools, you can,

→ Get Instagram Automated Welcome Message

→ Automatically reply to Instagram DMs

→ Get Automated FAQs for Instagram

→ Auto Reply to comments on posts with Instagram Comment Bot

→ Auto Reply to Mentions on Instagram Stories.

Important Features

Round-the-clock presence for audience and customers 

With the tools Instagram utility, you can stay in touch with people, products, and services. The uninterrupted answer service provides authenticity and efficiency to sell, support, and engage with customers.

Maximize organic engagement 

Real-time DM replies perhaps can be added to Instagram comments, mentions, and more to increase meaningful engagement followers, customers, and future customers.

Grow your audience 

You can also use various other tools like SMS and email lists to give opportunity for community growth and open up lines to reconnect with your audience on demand.

Enhance content visibility 

There can be immense enhancement of content visibility in the feeds of customers who mention and message to your business account. Autoreply helps boost your customer reach by increasing shares, comments, and mentions of your brand by your followers.

Drive traffic to other platforms 

Activate your sales funnels by turning your Instagram traffic into web traffic. The platform’s sales and conversions are increased by sending Instagram audiences and leads to the website or sponsor’s area.

MobileMonkey for Agencies – Agencio

The platform has been designed to grow your agency by facilitating messaging across your client portfolio. This chat integrated platform delivers top ROI for clients with fewer resources and time. The ultimate conversion hub for SMS, live chat, Instagram, and Messenger accelerates lead generation, automates engagement, and decreases cost per acquisition for clients across India.

Important Features


Uniform customer communication inbox is to view and reply on Instagram, SMS, Web Chat, and Facebook.

Client hub 

Servicing your client’s complete advertising and chat marketing campaigns in a single workplace.


You get varied permission levels for your clients and agency.


View the chat analytics throughout the bot builder, audiences, campaigns, and reporting tools.

Integration and Support 

Support via live chat in Agencio. Media like Instagram, web chat, SMS, and Messenger can be auto-integrated with email platforms, CRM, events, webinars, and more webhooks, API, and Zapier.

Agencio Pricing

Agencio offers three messaging plans that suit your team.


Boutique Agency Edition – Starting at $112.13/month with an annual plan.

Offers to connect up to 10 clients, 100,000 send credits, 200,000 contacts, and one user.

Full-Service Agency Edition – Plans and pricing on request

Can connect up to 20 clients, 200,000 send credits, 400,000 contacts and 2 users.

Powerhouse Agency Edition – Plans and pricing on request

Provides 40 clients, 400,000 send credits, 800,000 contacts and 5 users

MobileMonkey for In-House Marketers – FunnelPro

FunnelPro is an OmniChat Marketing Platform for advertisers and B2C marketers. The paid and organic campaigns launched in the very active marketing lead generation and re-engagement channel from a streamlined platform that lets you and your team create intuitive automation builders, integrations, and analytics to tie your efforts to ROI.

Important Features 

The marketing platform assists in re-engaging cross channels, generating leads, boosting sales automatically, along scaling up quality B2C leads.

Instant Engagement 

A meaningful connection is established with customers and leads who interact with your brand across famous social and messaging channels including, Facebook, Instagram, website chat, and SMS.

Generate Leads 

Capture and qualify leads who send inbound queries to your business.


It is easy to target your audience through Instagram and Facebook Ads with paid media integration that helps launch and optimize outbound messaging campaigns.

The Zapier integration allows sync leads from Instagram, Facebook, and web chat to other marketing platforms like CRM, email, etc.

Lead Management 

The leads list can be grown, automatically nurtured, and re-engaged via opt-in messaging channels like Messenger and SMS.


Discover your campaign efficiency with conversion reporting and audience segmentation tools. 

FunnelPro Pricing

FunnelPro offers three plans for companies with more than ten employees and $2 million (US) in annual revenues.


Startup Edition – Starts at $44.25/month with an annual plan

This plan is a streamlined marketing automation platform with a single multi-channel inbox, 6,500 send credits, 3000 contacts, and a single user.

Enterprise Edition – Starts at $93.38/month with an annual plan

This multi-channel chat marketing solution for customer support and marketing teams provides a single multi-channel inbox, 20,000 send credits, 10,000 contacts, and five users.

Multi-Location and Franchise Edition – Pricing plans on request

The pricing for this plan can be customized where you get a multi-location, multi-channel customer chat, and marketing solution with a successful partner.

MobileMonkey for SMBs – SMBots

SMBots is the lead-generating customer support live chat platform for B2C business owners that can capture leads, answer customer service inquiries and grow your business with automated messaging.

Important Features

Live Chat Inbox and Mobile App 

The OmniChat enabled customer inbox allows live chat with customers on your Facebook, Instagram, SMS, and website from one single place. The platform’s SMBots support mobile apps for Android and iOS that enable multi-channel customer communication platforms wherever you go.

Chat Menus 

The comprehensive navigation help customers find and connect with the help they need quickly.

Follow-up and Lead Notification 

This element sets up instant alerts when conversations need follow up like valuable sales conversations and business opportunities.

Automated Customer Support 

Take help from the 24/7 instant support and program answers to frequently asked questions. 

Ads Integration 

Initiate the number of conversations and automatically redirect leads to our target audience with the help of ads on Instagram and Facebook.

Business App Integration 

Your leads and customer contacts from MobileMonkey are synced to other CRM and marketing tools to boost automation in your different business software.

SMBots Pricing

SMBots comes in three pricing plans useful for qualified small businesses with less than ten employees or less than $2 million (US) in annual revenues.


Free Forever Edition – Sign up free at $0/month

Start an instant chat with leads and customers with 1-multi-channel inbox, 1000 send credits, 500 contacts, and a single user.

Operator Edition – Starting at $14.25/month with an annual plan.

The plan is better than the live chat platform that consists of a single multi-channel inbox, 4000 send credits, 2000 contacts, and one user.

Engagement Edition – Starting at $44.25/month

With this, sell more and serve great with one multi-channel inbox, 6,500 send credits, 3,000 contacts, and one user.


Advantages of MobileMonkey

The interface of MobileMonkey is clean, neat, and gives a good overview. It provides a wide range of elements to build your chatbot and is equally easy to add custom fields and tags to the users.

The drag and drop feature makes it simple in the setup process. The OmniChat widget is a powerful element in MobileMonkey that other chatbot software does not provide. The tools consist of built-in live chat integration that is a vital integration of chatbot software.

MobileMonkey can be integrated with Zapier very easily. The tool provides good analytics to improve your chatbot. It also offers multiple channel support to set up your chatbot.

Disadvantages of MobileMonkey

They do not integrate with any of the e-commerce software. It is only possible through Zapier integration. It is not possible to carry out any optimization testing like the A/B or split test in MobileMonkey.

The other drawback is you cannot use conditions in your chatbot flows. It is also not able to make use of AI to make improvements in answers by your chatbot. It is not possible to build a chatbot in multiple languages at the same time.

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Final Verdict

MobileMonkey is a remarkable tool and the best chatbot software with many products to explore. It offers the potential functions of Facebook Messenger that are huge in its attributes. It provides the entire features range you need to build your chatbot. We have tried to cover as much information as possible in this MobileMonkey review.

So, would you think of buying MobileMonkey to build your chatbots?

Definitely yes!

Take some time to dive into the tool and once you are satisfied, you can pick a product that works best for you.  mobilemonkey

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