PromoRepublic|Top Social Media Marketing Platform |Review 2022

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promorepublic review

Getting began as a social media marketing platform for small businesses to specify distributed models for agencies and enterprise companies.

PromoRepublic has developed leaps and bounds with mature enterprise product, sales, and marketing teams since its inception in 2014.

PromoRepublic is empowering brands with intelligent technology like data analytics and easy-to-use tools for local marketing that allow companies to track online visibility, maintain brand integrity, manage social media and propel more engagement.

Recently, it announced its insight-driven technique to local marketing with the introduction of location insights & review performance analytics that can enable you to prevail over local customers with insight-driven marketing.

Let us find in this PromoRepublic Review whether it is worth it for your marketing teams?

Trusted by 50,000+ national brands, local businesses, and agencies, start a free trial now-

Social Media Publishing Tool PromoRepublic- An Overview


What is PromoRepublic?

PromoRepublic is the leading social media marketing platform trusted by multi-location companies in direct sales and franchise industries to manage hundreds and thousands of social pages. 

They are committed to innovation and helping customers adjust to the enormous digital shift in exploring brands to decide where to purchase.

PromoRepublic’s results for social media marketing, brand management, reputation management, local SEO, distributed marketing, and now Insights aid brands win additional local customers.

PromoRepublic’s Insights collects all the online reputation data across Google Business Profile and Facebook to allow businesses to converge their local marketing performance data (social media, content, and online reputation) all in one location. 

And its fantastic dashboard can address local marketing efficiently through its best insight capabilities that raise the online presence of your brands, helps you maintain brand integrity, and handle reviews across multiple locations and distributors to drive revenue at scale.

PromoRepublic (Social Media Publishing Tool) Helps You Swamp the Most Common Brand Challenges, Let Us See How-


1. Effective Online Visibility in Local Search

Its perfect online visibility in local searches can assemble 1000s of citations automatically in business directories for all locations.

2. Maintenance of Online Reputation

PromoRepublic can preserve your online reputation by organizing all your customer communications for every site through one dashboard.

3. Organizing Content Distribution

Content organization is assembled smoothly by disseminating the on-brand content with locations for easy access at the right time.

4. Eliminating Inconsistent Communication

You can remove any inconsistency in communications by pre-setting branding, wording rules, setting up the right permissions, and implementing automation.

5. Collecting Decentralized Data

Also, PromoRepublic collects decentralized data to deliver consolidated data on locations’ or distributors’ local marketing performances.

6. Under-Performing Locations

Help locations partake in local marketing by providing them with simple tools and training.

Let’s discover the amazing components of PromoRepublic that earned it the reputation as the top social media marketing platform today-

PromoRepublic Features

features-promorepublic review-2022

PromoRepublic permits a completely tailored solution to your business necessities by these six facets that make it a must-have addendum to any leading marketing agency.

Have a look-

1. Insights

PromoRepublic Insights is the latest proliferation to its variety of best social media publishing features to locate more development for your business locations.

Through insights, you can oversee marketing insights for multi-location businesses from one centralized platform through-

  • Review & rating trends
  • Organic & paid social media campaigns
  • Local search results & ranking
  • Marketing asset usage & performance

2. Social Media Marketing

It lets you schedule posts, manage conversations, and advertise to local customers to propel awareness about your brand across local communities.

Manage localized social media posting at scale-

  • Schedule 1000s of locations’ pages with dynamic fields
  • Set up permissions to engage with customers on social media.
  • Promote social media posts to local audiences.
  • Suggest posts for approval by locations.
3. Brand Management

Brand management ensures brand consistency by easily organizing content across all markets and locations. 

Also, it furnishes a unified countenance across all branded assets.

Here, you can-

  • Organize content easily for locations and distributors.
  • Pre-set branding guidelines.
  • Block selected content elements from editing.
4. Reputation Management

PromoRepublic social media publishing tool organizes all your customer reviews and communication for every location in one dashboard.

How it performs-

  • Monitor and manage all your reviews with the right permissions.
  • Automatically generate more customer reviews.
  • Oversee reviews and ratings across locations.
5. Local SEO

Here you can track local search results and reveal opportunities to grow search traffic, calls, or foot traffic. 

Furthermore, local SEO builds citations and keeps them optimized for you across major platforms.

You can automate updates of business listings and increase visibility in local searches by-

  • Updating listings in real-time.
  • Tracking business profile completeness
  • Get recommendations on listing optimization
  • Oversee your locations’ ranking for selected keywords.
6. Distributed Marketing

Empower partners while representing your brand by provisioning them with an intuitive mobile app, letting content customization for personalized pitches, and confirming your partners’ posts fulfill regulatory guidelines.

Additionally, they are offering some more added advantages –

  • Fast Rollout
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Strategy Session
  • Activation Program
  • Priority Support
  • Solution Localization

Check this screen below for more details on these features.


Platforms| PromoRepublic Review|

Social Media Calendar


  • Automate Posting to the Main Networks

Social media calendar permits connecting more social pages for scheduling and publishing content from social media accounts on multiple networks simultaneously without manual switching between pages and groups.

And it is available for all plans.

  • Elevate Reach of Your Posts with AI

PromoRepublic’s AI-driven scheduling confirms your posts propel results by publishing at peak engagement time.

And it is available on Standard, Professional, and enterprise plans.

  • Recycle Successful Posts

Set a repetitive period for engagement-driving posts to get results again and again with social media post scheduler.

Similar to social media calendar, PromoRepublic has a Content Organizer, Work Coordinator, Reporting Provider, and White Label platforms where it offers the following functionalities with multiple counted advantages.

  • Broadcast to Facebook, Instagram (personal and business accounts), Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business
  • Calendar for handling publishing
  • Re-queue posts
  • In-built graphics editor
  • Collaboration 
  • Social Inbox tool for handling social media interactions.
  • A vast content library of content templates and curated articles
  • Dashboards
  • Post boosting and campaigns
  • Distinct workspaces
  • AI-driven scheduling
  • Post statistics and advanced analytics
  • Customization is available in enterprise pricing.
  • Enterprise customers can store content and organize ads and local social media marketing processes.


The best advantage of the social media publishing tool is publishing benefits on social media platforms, and PromoRepoublic is presenting schedulers on all major networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

FaceBook Scheduler


You can create great content, publish and schedule Facebook posts through PromoRepublic’s time-saving Facebook Scheduler.


  • It allows scheduling for Facebook in one interface, posting on multiple Facebook pages or groups, and having them published automatically at the best time.
  • Also, it provides significant content from 100,000+ post ideas for 17+ industries for auto-posting on Facebook.
  • And you can track and enhance your content strategy with comprehensive statistics for your posts.
  • Enables smooth collaboration with your team or clients while organizing posts and delivering suggestions in one place.

See how this automation tool actually works for better Facebook marketing

Try it for Free-

Instagram Scheduler



  • Allows Instagram post scheduling for all your profiles by connecting several accounts in a content calendar at the best time.
  • Furnishes content with 100,000 ready-to-use post ideas from its vast library, or you can also make content from scratch with an in-built graphics editor.
  • Show the ROI to your clients and team through metrics like reach, engagement, and shares on each post.

Check out this Instagram post scheduler in action.

Try it for Free-

Similarly, it includes extensive functions for other social media networks through Twitter Scheduler, LinkedIn Scheduler, and Pinterest Scheduler.

It seems like a perfect one-stop destination for every social media marketing platform.

What Issues It Address

  • Consistent Posting Needs
  • Better Collaboration

PromoRepublic provides collaboration in real-time with clients, designers, and writers.

  • Detailed Insights
  • Overcomes the fear of scaling

PromoRepublic lets users scale portfolios faster by providing more than a hundred thousand post ideas which can be used by simply editing and posting.

How to Use| PromoRepublic Review 2022|

Start a Trial

start-14-day-free-trial-promorepublic review

PromoRepublic is giving a 14-day free trial to help you make an informed decision on your social media marketing strategies as you need.

Try it for free now-

Book a Demo-

You can start a trial first through their 14-day free trial page, and after that, log into your account details with your credential through the log-in page.



Pricing| PromoRepublic Review| 2022


Manage social media, brand consistency, reviews, and local SEO with the right pricing plan.

  • Small Business

Essential local marketing tools for single location businesses at $ 49/mo.

It offers-

Social Media Marketing

  • 10 social media accounts
  • 1 user
  • All-in-one social inbox ?
  • Social post boosting ?
  • Social media statistics ?
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Link shortener ?
  • Graphics Editor

Reputation Management

  • Review management ?

Local SEO

  • Google Business Profile reports ?- coming soon
  • Agency

Powerful tools for agencies managing local marketing for clients at $ 79/mo.

It offers-

Social Media Marketing

  • 30 social media accounts ?
  • 10 users
  • All-in-one social inbox ?
  • Social post boosting ?
  • Social media statistics ?
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Link shortener ?
  • Graphics Editor
  • Comprehensive reporting ?
  • Content approval workflows
  • Team Permissions

Reputation Management

  • Review management ?

Local SEO

  • Google Business Profile reports ?- Coming Soon


 Dedicated Success Manager

  • Multi-Location

An All-in-one local marketing platform with multiple locations provides customized plans as the client requires.

It offers-


Social Media Marketing

  • Сustom number of social accounts
  • Сustom number of users/locations
  • All-in-one social inbox ?
  • Advanced social post boosting ?
  • Social media statistics ?
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Link shortener ?
  • Graphics Editor
  • Comprehensive reporting ?
  • Content approval workflows
  • Custom permissions and workflows
  • Social listening

Reputation Management

  • Review management ?
  • Review generation

Local SEO

  • Google Business Profile reports ?
  •  Soon
  • Listing management ?
  • Local Search ranking reports ?
  •  Soon

Brand Management

  • Digital asset management ?
  • Graphics Editor


  • Social media analytics ?
  • Content performance analytics ?
  • Location insights ?
  • Review Performance Analytics ?
  • Local search analytics ?

Distributed Marketing

  • Compliance engine ?
  • White Label mobile apps
  • Social media campaign workflow ?

Support & training for locations

Dedicated Success Manager

PromoRepublic also delivers some added premium solutions like white label platforms, local ranking reports, digital asset management, listing management, and a white-label mobile app.

And the best part is that these additional premium solutions can be added to any of the above given plans.

Refer to the image below-


Pros| Social Media Marketing Platform| PromoRepublic

  • Workspaces
  • Detailed Insights
  • Brand Management
  • Distributed Marketing
  • 100,000 visual templates & post ideas
  • In-built Graphic Editor
  • Easy-to-use
  • Scheduling on all social networks
  • Local SEO
  • Social media calendar
  • Good Customer service


  • Content storage is available only in the enterprise plan, and most of the ad management tools are also on the enterprise plan.
  • Only one video can be posted at a time. 

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As you can see in this review, it has everything required for a terrific social media publishing tool that will enable the marketing teams to manage their social media schedule with better efficiency. 

PromoRepublic is resolving content workflows for startups, large enterprises, marketing agencies, and multi-location brands alike through its eclectic features and plans.

Other than forming content and scheduling posts, PromoRepublic offers multiple tools like social media marketing, brand management, reputation management, local SEO, distributed marketing, and now Insights to handle and extend your social media accounts.

And the icing on the cake is it syncs agreeably with six of the most relevant social media platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google to help set up different accounts to promote a new business on every significant platform for better engagement with the audience. 

And there’s a White Label add-on to handle clients’ publishing where PromoRepublic proposes scheduling without its branding (and pricing plans) getting in the way.

We recommend it for detailed insights on all major social media platforms for posting and a great ROI.

Become the local business of choice with the all-in-one local marketing platform-

Do not forget to sign up for the 14-day free trial (no credit card required).



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