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Interestingly, there are millions of active social media users globally. If you are a marketer or a business person, then you cannot ignore social media. It is a must-have marketing channel for any person or business. One thing that can skyrocket your marketing efforts is by using automation tools. The best option is to make use of a free social media management tool from the available pool.

Among this pool is one of the best social media management tool, Socialoomph. It is a social media management platform created to maximize social media productivity. The sole intention is to automate social media tasks across various social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The platform is helpful to schedule posts and tweets, find prospects and track your social media activities. 

The platform comprises a host of core features like tracking keywords, schedule tweets, shorten URLs, draft reuse, organize inboxes, sort, re-tweet, and find mentions. Socialoomph can manage your blogging activity along with automating some social media management tasks across various platforms. 

With more advanced features, the tool lets you improve your Twitter follower list, send direct messages to new followers, and vet them. You can find influencers on Twitter by setting up keyword research. The tool is also able to upload images and schedule updates. You can write and publish blogs through this platform. RSS feeds help to set up automatic blog posts and publish them on various channels. 


Main Features of Socialoomph

There are a lot of features and benefits listed on the Socialoomph website. Though there is a lack of modernization, feature-wise, it will take care of your Twitter automation. This platform was set up in 2008 and recommended by many social media experts since then as the best social media management tool.


Some of the core features that make Socialoomph stand out among the rest are explained in this Socialoomph review.

Manage social posting

A single account can manage the social posts of an individual and that of a client. Both the data can be partitioned with the help of team features and tags.

Team management

Add associates to an individual account, assign privileges, and organize them in teams to ensure smooth working on blogs and social profiles. 

Schedule social posts

The tool can manage social posts on channels like Twitter, StockTwits, Reddit, Pinterest, Mastodon, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Discord.

Schedule blog posts

You can even schedule blogs on various social media platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, and Shopify. 

Precise Scheduling  

You can schedule to publish a post at a desired date and time, in the time zone of your choice.

Post queues

Never let your feed run dry with social posts and blogs. Schedule posting automatically according to fixed or variable schedule in addition to seasonal windows.

API Integration

Create social and blog posts automatically from your own or another service, or an app using Webhooks API.

Bulk Uploading

Create various posts and schedule them or queue them up to bulk upload. However, videos and images cannot be uploaded in bulk. 

Control posts flood

The automated publishing limits avoid accidental and frequent posting. The followers are also pre-informed for the same.

Self-destructing posts

Followers can be given a clear picture of trending posts by creating posts that self-destruct after some time.




Socialoomph offers a 7-day free trial after which the plans can be upgraded to any of these,

Personal Suite – Free  

Best for individuals with one account.

Advanced Suite – $15/month and $162 with an annual plan. 

Best for people with advanced posting needs.

Professional Suite – $25/month and $270 with an annual plan.

Great for professionals managing various social accounts.

Business Suite – $55/month and $594 with an annual plan.

Suitable for organizations with several employees and accounts.


Getting Started with Socialoomph

You can sign up for a free trial initially or choose directly from any of the paid plans.

One thing that might make you think again about a free trial account is the credit card details it asks for to activate your free trial.

Upon signup, you return to the login screen.


You can take help from the help files to set up your social accounts.

The black bar on the top of your dashboard shows the menu. Many sub-menus are representing different functionalities and options. It is recommended to begin your account set up with your time zone. 

You can then segregate your members into different teams with different tasks assigned. 

Next, you can connect your social profiles before you start scheduling your posts. Socialoomph offers a wide range of blogs and social accounts you can connect to.


You can then manage your Social Profiles page by connecting to your desired social accounts. Similarly, you can connect with many other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more. 


Once you are done with connecting to all your social accounts, you can find the profile name, owner, and licensing information in the Social Profile section.

Finally, you can start posting in various ways. You can schedule or queue posts, post from scratch or bulk import them, set up several queues, and collect content from RSS feeds. 

You have numerous options for your posting, right from creating a publishing schedule, setting up time zone, intervals, posting frequency, seasonal queues that can be toggled, posting once, reuse to even self-destroy posts.

You can even post blog sites with Socialoomph. You can choose to create content for your blog, set up a queue, and schedule their posting. There are means to advertise your blogs across various social media channels.

Webhooks API can be used to create scheduled posts and queue posts. 


Socialoomph Pros 

  • Social update through emails- Emails sent from your account will be posted as updates across all your social accounts.
  • Account cleanup – Delete DMs from your inbox after a specific time, delete unwanted tweets, and auto-delete unnecessary feeds after a time set.
  • RSS auto-feed – Auto-create social and blog posts from RSS feed entries and publish them on social networking sites.
  • Advanced features – Bulk uploads, check new followers, filter profiles with various criteria, etc. 

Socialoomph Limitations

  • Technical support – There are help docs available, video tutorials, and images that would be more helpful can be added.
  • User interface – It is not as intuitive as required and takes a while to understand the flow of things.
  • Designs – The available designs are built with Bootstrap that is unpolished and less customized.
  • On-spot support – There is only a ticketing system available with no live chat or email support.
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Final Take

Socialoomph is a reliable and solid operating tool used for scheduling social media posts and tweets. It is wise to get started with this tool if your business is wasting a lot of time on social media marketing. 

Understand the time estimation utility and of features that are more suitable for your business. Pick a tool that adds much value to your requirements, and Socialoomph is one such tool that will take care of the accuracy and efficiency for your social media posts.

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